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The ABC of Childhood Nostalgia
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The ABC of
Childhood Nostalgia

Children’s music can bring out a sense of nostalgia. Hardly anyone can resist music from the good old cereal and cartoon filled days. Even great producers such as Marley Marl and 9th Wonder are not afraid to add some Sesame to their street. To create your own - here’s an exclusive free download!


When friend and track liberator Prince Paul recommended us to extend our children’s music catalog, it eventually led us to delve into Peter Pan Records. Long history short: Peter Pan Records is a division of Inspired Studios, which started off in the late 1920s as a plastic manufacturer.

Sounds odd, but think again: a few decades later they realized their presses could be modified to manufacture phonograph records. That’s when Peter Pen Records was born, releasing children’s classics such as Old MacDonald’s Farm, Goldilocks, and the Three Bears and Little Red Riding Hood on 78 RPM records–not vinyl; back then made from shellac.

Now, Peter Pan Records spans over 6.000 recordings after also expanding to spoken-word stories and tv/film-related titles such as Superman, Batman & Star Trek. It makes the imprint the largest manufacturer of children's records in the USA.

High-pitched voices, A cappella stories, rhythmic life lessons, and other nostalgia-drenched sweet songs; as early as the late 80’s, a lot of children’s tracks have proven their functionality as sampling sources. “All children, except one, grow up,” but one is never too old to dive back into childhood nostalgia.

Channel your inner child: here are a few Tracklib favorites sampling music from Peter Pan Records’ archives, followed by a new collection to dig through.