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Brazilian Roots & New Rhythms
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Brazilian Roots
& New Rhythms

Digging into Brazilian music deserves a study by itself. A rich history of music like Samba, Bossa Nova, and other Latin and Caribbean influences led to a wide range of contemporary evolutions in Brazil. YB Music is a good place to start digging: the label features music from all regions in Brazil, ranging from jazz to rock, and from samba to electronic music.


“We are an incubator. I bet on new artists: many of them record their first work with us, and then grow and move on. Many of them come and go, and that’s fine,” says Mauricio Tagliari, partner/founder, A&R and producer at YB Music, and sometimes artist himself.

Since 1999, that has evolved into a catalog of over 100.000 tracks from all corners of the continent. Styles range from contemporary samba by Rodrigo Campos all the way to a mix of electronica and jazz by Guizado, and from rock by Rafa Barreto to jazz by Gadiamb B, and many more gems floating in between those genres.

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“There is also a sense of resistance in most music we release: YB Music is a panel of alternative music without prejudice,” Tagliari continues. In a way, that feeling of defiance has always been part of YB Music’s core: We started at the complex end of the CD-era. Then, we had a difficult time when legal and illegal MP3s became the main means of distributing music in Brazil. Our focus shifted to syncing in movies and commercials. With the rise of music streaming these days we have another difficult moment. Because we do not follow the latest fashion. We are alternative, and that’s our way of working.”

"I like the idea of samples being used to create new sounds. But I've always been worried about respect for the original creator."

Mauricio Tagliari (partner/founder of YB Music)

At the same time, an array of progressive music in their catalog shows YB Music is far from traditional. The same goes for their take on modern-day sampling in genres like hip-hop. Tagliari: “I like the idea of samples being used to create new sounds. But I've always been worried about respect for the original creator. Tracklib brings a clever way to deal with that. Often we had problems with legalizing tracks that contained samples. Now having the possibility of accessing legalized samples and respecting the creator is great.”