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Dig Deeper: Tracklib Power Tips
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Dig Deeper: Tracklib Power Tips

Don't miss out on the hidden features - become a Tracklib power user with these tips & tricks from the Tracklib team!

By Oskar

Create an account for the full experience

At Tracklib, accounts are free and allow you to preview full tracks. As 9th Wonder says - “Unless it’s a rare sample don’t sample the first 10 seconds.”. You can also save tracks to private or public collections and build your own database of gems. You never know when you might need that great track you found!

Tracklib keyboard shortcuts

We've got keyboard shortcuts!

Here's a really hidden feature for you - we've got keyboard shortcuts for a lot of features, some of them are only available through shortcuts. Try pressing "h" on any page and you'll see a window of all available shortcuts.

Don’t miss the multitracks

We’ve got unique multitracks for many of our tracks - separate stems that have never been released to the public before. You can see what tracks have multitracks when they have a (x tracks) after the track title. You can also search for a specific Track Type using our advanced search sidebar under tracks.

Tracklib advanced search

Dig deep with our advanced search

Tracklib has a deep catalogue of music, most of it never sampled before by anyone. Find unique tracks for your own songs by searching for BPM, Year of Release, Region and Genre.

Find tracks by label

If you like a song or an artist, there’s a big chance that the artist's specific label has a lot of other music you might like. You can browse a label by clicking the label name on a track page. Remember that this is the label that owns the rights - in many cases not the original label that released the song. Test it by clicking on the track below, and then the label on the track page:

undefined cover art
Add track to favorites
Add or remove track from collection
Share track
Download track (1 credit)
Tracklib on mobile

Dig on the move

Why not find tracks to sample on the way to work? Tracklib offers a full mobile experience where you can listen, purchase or add each track to a collection. Remember to stay logged in and you’ll keep your shopping cart and your favorites when you’re back in the studio.

Follow our recommendations

Whether you’re on a collection, a single track or an artist - our advanced recommendation system will suggest other similar songs for you to enjoy. Just keep exploring and discover hidden gems.

Tracklib license price

Don’t miss the license price

Bottom-right on each track there’s a license category, hover over this with your mouse and you’ll see the license price for that track - even before you buy it. We have three different price categories and you can find out more in our 'How it Works' section.

Come back often and browse by latest

We add new tracks constantly, so switch the order to Latest in the dropdown in the track section to see the latest tracks added to Tracklib. Remember that we mostly add music as we sign new labels, so it's often a lot of music from the same label or genre at once.

Sub-genres on Tracklib

There’s a lot of genres

There’s a lot more genres than the ones available in the advanced search. When at a genre page you can find a lot of related genres in the right sidebar, and each track has its specific genres listed at the bottom.

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