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‘New Old Soul’ from deep inside the Colemine
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‘New Old Soul’ from deep
inside the Colemine

‘Authenticity’ has been an important keyword in the retro-soul revival of this decade. And so it is for Colemine Records. For over 10 years now, funk soul brothers Terry & Bob Cole have been digging into a gold mine of authentic ‘New Old Soul’. Such as "Tiger Trot" by Leroi Conroy, exclusively available for free via Tracklib.


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“I was originally inspired to start a label because of hearing Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings. It blew my mind,” tells label owner Terry Cole. “I thought, ‘hey, these folks can do it, so can I!’ I think they’ve always been sort of a North Star for us: setting the standard in the scene.” 

And so it began: Terry started Colemine Records back in 2007 to be able to legitimately release an album of Soundscape, a hip-hop/funk band he was part of. First juggling his job as a high-school science teacher with running the label, and seven years down the line he convinced his younger brother Bob to together trade in the safety of a day job for a brotherly adventure into soul and funk music.

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Now, Colemine Records’ roster spans over 80 vinyl releases by the likes of The Jive Turkeys, Monophonics, Durand Jones & The Indications, Ben Pirani, The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, amongst many others.

Their tagline “putting out quality records with soul” sounds straightforward, but there's more to it: “I think all of us–artists and labels alike–are living in a post-Daptone phase,” Terry explains. “They have forged the path for labels like ours to be successful. They blazed the trail. Now, I think a lot of us that were inspired by them are trying to push the genre outward even further. I'm not sure what it's going to look like or sound like, but I can feel that's the path we are on.” 

One of the many examples of that is “Tiger Trot” by Ohio-based artist (and Colemine’s in-house designer and engineer) Leroi Conroy. Drums so heavy like the Wu-Tang Clan is marching into downtown Ohio, with brass horns, wah-wah guitar and an organ all so full of soul that there ain’t no mistakin’ about it being a Colemine Records release. 

Terry played the bass, guitar and keys and produced the song. But his own sample weapon of choice would be something else: “That’s too easy. I’d sample the hell out of those drums. They’re so nasty! That’s all my buddy Rob Houk [of The Jive Turkeys]. He kills it.”

Download “Tiger Trot” for free on top of this feature. Or dig deeper into the rest of the Colemine.