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G.E.D. Soul from Music City to the World
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G.E.D. Soul from Music
City to the World

Nashville, Tennessee carries the nickname of ‘Music City’ for over half a century now. Let’s take a giant leap over country music to dive straight into another vibrant scene: soul music. G.E.D. Soul Records is one of the Nashville-based flag-bearers carrying out raw and authentic soul/funk. From Music City to the world–and straight into samplers.

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G.E.D. Soul Records was founded in 2007 by Dave Singleton and Nicholas DeVan. Both of them are also part of Magic In Threes, an instrumental trio part of G.E.D. Records making a mix of cinematic soul, library records, and hip-hop beats.

“We try to keep Nashville and Tennessee on the map in soul music. We don’t try to sound southern necessarily, but I think it’s in our sound naturally,” explains DeVan. “For example, take DeRobert & The Half-Truths: they pull from Nashville storytelling-styled songwriting. And we mainly use Nashville-based musicians here in Tennessee. So it’s in our sound.”

That particular local sound with an international appeal results in music by groups such as DeRobert & The Half-Truths, A.J. and the Jiggawatts, The Grips, The Coolin’ System, and Sky Hi. All with one common ground: authenticity. Each and every one of G.E.D.’s artists brings the listener back to the heydays of deep funk and raw soul.

We probably wouldn’t be making the type of music we are without the influence of sample-based music

- Nicholas DeVan

According to DeVan, sampling is actually a source of inspiration for G.E.D. Soul Records’ music rather than only the other way around: “We probably wouldn’t be making the type of music we are without the influence of sample-based music. To be sampled is a real compliment. It’s good for the original artist as well as the new artist–as long as there are easy options for cleared samples. That’s where Tracklib comes in.”

To merge both ends of the soul spectrum, there’s one personal favorite for him as a drummer and producer: “I would love to make a beat with Magic in Threes’ ‘Pushin off’. It’s a slow banger that would be good for a singer or rapper..”