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Tracklib Loop Battle with Cool & Dre: The Winners

Tracklib Loop Battle with Cool & Dre: The Winners

Super producer Cool (of Cool & Dre) has listened through the great loops submitted by Tracklib's users and picked a winner. Using the loop, he made a đŸ”„ beat on the spot. Watch a real master at work.

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The Winner: Gilly C

The winning loop was submitted by producer Gilly C, based in Boston, Massachusetts. It’s from a soul song from 1970. Sebastian Williams - Get Your Point Over, from which Cool took the loop and built the beat around.

Gilly produces music on a Maschine Mikro and will be releasing his first project on all major platforms this year. You can listen to more of his music on Soundcloud or on his website. Congrats Gilly and fingers crossed that the beat will get a major placement in the near future. Gilly C will be listed as a co-producer together with Cool & Dre.

Runners up

The runner up loops were submitted by Jaywalking in San Antonio, Texas, and Malcolmsef in New Jersey. All top three submissions will each receive one Category C Sample License from Tracklib. Second place will also get 100 Tracklib download credits, and third place will get 50 download credits. Congrats everyone! 🎉

Tracklib Loops

This Beat Battle was a little special. Instead of flipping the samples yourselves, we asked you to send us your best loops from Tracklib, that Cool could make a beat out of. Tracklib Loops is a new feature to find perfect loops in any song on Tracklib. It’s like bringing an automatic sampler to a dusty record store. Play any track or stem on Tracklib. While any track is playing, click the loop icon in the bottom player. That’s it! Click anywhere in the song to find a new loop. You can save your loops to collections and download perfectly edited WAV loops directly from Tracklib. Dig, loop, download, done.

More Beat Battles coming soon

Tracklib hosts a Beat Battle almost every month with a new judge, new prizes, and new opportunities to have your beats heard. Listen to more submissions via the hashtag #tracklibbeatbattle on Instagram. Or keep an eye on our blog for the next Beat Battle.