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Made With Tracklib: The Him - By Your Side

Made With Tracklib: The Him - By Your Side

Dutch DJ and production duo The Him comes from the EDM-hotbed of Spinnin’ Records. The Amsterdam natives create uplifting electronic music, often built around a chopped or pitched vocal. For their track ‘By Your Side’, fellow producer Jordan Jay found a dusty 70s blues vocal on Tracklib which they together used to create an instant streaming hit.

By DannyVeekens

We briefly caught up with Jeroen and Steven of The Him to talk sampling, EDM vocal chops, and the production process of ‘By Your Side.’

- Do you usually use samples in your productions?

We use loads of samples for drums, FX and vocal chops. Usually from sample packages or digital platforms though, not from old records. Mainly because we know it can cause a lot of trouble clearing the rights for these...

- Compared to other artists in the EDM-genre, how would you describe The Him’s style of sampling?

We love to play around with vocal samples and chop them into something new. We like to use the vocal of the actual track–or the a capella if we’re doing a remix–and to make it sound like the vocal chop is still singing a full line. If you listen closely to some of our remixes and originals–such as ‘By Your Side’–hopefully you hear what I mean.

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- What was it like to use Tracklib to find the sample for your track ‘By Your Side’? Can you tell us a bit about the ‘digital digging’ and creative process?

Producer Jordan Jay actually found the ZZ Hill vocal on Tracklib and brought it with him to our studio. Funnily enough, Jordan played it in the studio and it was already pitched up. Then Jordan explained where he got it from and we made the ‘By Your Side’ track around it. It’s just so cool to have a sample like that: it brings so much character and makes the song sound like an instant classic.

- Sometimes sample picks can sprout from (new or old) musical interests. How is that for you guys? Are The Him’s samples related to your background in music?

We’re both very, very diverse. We’ve listened to everything–from classical music to rap. It’s hard to point at one source of inspiration. Anything you listen to directly or indirectly influences the way your own music sounds like. The same applies to The Him.

- It must be a tough nut, but what are your ultimately favorite EDM tracks using a soul or blues vocal sample?

Wow. So many! Some old Moby tracks maybe? ‘Levels’ by Avicii definitely also comes to mind!

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