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Made With Tracklib: Kat Capone - Choke (Prod. KQuick)

Made With Tracklib: Kat Capone - Choke (Prod. KQuick)

On the verge of 'Revenge of the Dreamers III', Boston-based producer is KQuick is not only featured on that compilation as one-half of ClickNPress. Today, he released another hard-hitting track together with New York artist Kat Capone. “Choke” puts her in KQuick’s track record of producing for J. Cole, JID, Chris Brown, Bas, Nelly & others.

By DannyVeekens
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“Whenever I work with Kat Capone, she usually has the concept first,” tells Kaleb ‘KQuick’ Rollins. “‘Choke’ is all about attitude and pointing out that people who may be gossiping about you secretly must be a fan because they watch everything you do.” KQuick created a beat to fit her unbreakable confidence, but Tracklib came in the clutch when he realized the chorus section was missing ‘that special something’.

“I had the idea of adding a classic reggae vocal sample. I found Major Cat's 'Gone Pon Price' on Tracklib; the energy it has and Major Cat’s lyrics were a perfect fit. The rawness of the acapella brought me back to my high school days of spinning ‘Reggae Gold’ vinyl in my dining room trying to match up acapella’s with different beats.”

"I treat Tracklib as though I have blindfolds on; you never know what sound you find that will spark an idea."

– Kaleb 'KQuick' Rollins

KQuick chopped a portion of Major Cat’s verse to create a post-hook chant from it, used another tiny bit as a breakdown before the bridge, and that was the last piece of the puzzle: “I added some distortion and saturation to the vocal and we were good to go! I treat Tracklib as though I have blindfolds on; you never know what sound you find that will spark an idea. ‘Gone Pon Price’ was exactly that.”

Kaleb 'KQuick' Rollins
Kaleb 'KQuick' Rollins

The obscurity of the acapella from the Fashion Records track is exactly what convinced KQuick to dig through Tracklib. KQuick: “I believe Tracklib will be the standard when it comes to sampling. Especially because the goal is usually to find obscure, unused sounds that are typically very difficult to clear. Due to the difficulty of finding the artist, writer, publisher, label, etc. The fact that I was able to find this sample, use it, clear it, and release the song all within a few months is a powerful thing that the entire industry will catch onto.”

“Choke” leads Kat Capone into a summer full of new music, according to KQuick. And to top it off, his production duo ClickNPress (together with producer Marc ‘Fresh2Def’ Soto) is featured with a track called "Sleep Deprived" on today’s Revenge of the Dreamers III, the highly anticipated compilation of J. Cole’s Dreamville imprint. Bumping an Ice Cube track sounds like a fitting plan for producer KQuick. “Today was a good day...”

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