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Playground Music: Independent Power
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Playground Music:
Independent Power

With seven offices spread across Scandinavia, Playground Music is the largest Nordic indie label. Their catalog is diverse but has a main focus on pop, dance, urban, and indie music. For twenty years now, Playground has mastered the motto of ‘United we stand, divided we fall’: together, indies are major.

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"I have always believed in the collective strength of the indies and the need to join forces,” said Playground Music head honcho Jonas Sjöström after winning the ‘Outstanding Contribution to Independent Music Award’ last year. That prize is quite a mouthful, but it emphasizes how Playground is driven by the power of collaboration and unity when it comes to independent music.

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Over the years, Playground has signed Nordic artists such as rappers Ken Ring and Juju, rock band The Rasmus, electronic jazz duo Koop, singers Lisa Nilsson and Rasmus Walther, pop tandem Exon Banks, and producers such as Leppen and Örnsberg. And let’s not ignore Ace of Base, Sweden’s third-most successful group after ABBA and Roxette. Consider it a sampling challenge…

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Playground Music is divided into four sub-labels (Playground, Diesel, Masa Music, and Uniform Beat), and distributes foreign record labels such as Beggars, Cooking Vinyl & Ninja Tune in Scandinavia. Crossing borders to strengthen its Nordic indie power.