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Put on your X: Who is Knowledge?

Put on your X: Who is Knowledge?

A drum break from "Synthetic Substitution" by Melvin Bliss; a sax sampled from “Catch A Groove” by 70s funk band Juice; an unidentified piano loop. All together on a 12" by emcee Knowledge, who is shrouded in mystery–with "Put On Your X" being his only release.

By DannyVeekens
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“Put On Your X (Bishop's Original Recipe)" was released via Raw Cut Records in 1992, under the wings of Tuff City Records. In an uplifting way reminiscent of the Native Tongues movement, Knowledge raps about lessons listeners can take from civil rights leader Malcolm X. And in particular, ones that they might miss the point of: 

"People like to talk about Malcolm X, El-Hadj Malik El-Shabazz / And many could quote / Many quotes recite words, phrases, speeches, but they miss the whole teaching / See a brother gave up his life to teach right / So we can unite and fight against things that ain't right.”


Lyrically, the track continues in a powerful way about how to “put the ill will to rest and put on your X!” While musically, the mishmash of funk, jazz and rhythm and blues samples make it an uplifting golden era track. The B-side, however, includes a fusion mix by New York legend Marley Marl, who strips down the track to its boom bap essentials: heavy drums and a head-nodding groove.

And that’s where Knowledge’s wisdom comes to an abrupt end. Nothing can be found or told about the man behind “Put On Your X (Bishop’s Original Recipe)”. No other solo record has been released. And no more X’s have been raised–at least not on his behalf.

And that’s part of the beauty we’re chasing here at Tracklib: gems that encourage to dig deeper.

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