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Tracklib Live Cookup with Datsunn
Beat Battle

Tracklib Live Cookup with Datsunn

Tracklib Live Cookup invites top music producers to cook up a beat using a Tracklib sample, live on their own Instagram channel. After the stream is done, we're hosting a competition where you are challenged to make a better beat using the same sample. Can you match master fingerdrummer Datsunn?


How It Works

  1. Watch the Live Cookup at Datsunn's Instagram page Thursday, 11th of June, at 3pm EST (9pm CET)
  2. Download the used sample for free (will be available to download in this blog post)
  3. Make your own beat with the sample and send the mp3 to within 24 hours (before 5pm EST, 11pm CET, the 12th of June)

The winner will receive a category C sample clearance.

The Sample

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About Datsunn

Every time you hear Tracklib's soul-infused theme, you hear a beat by Datsunn. He has been crafting sample-reliant productions for over a decade now, driven by a love for beats, jazz, soul and funk.

Based in between Windsor (Canada) and Detroit, Datsunn has steadily grown a loyal following due to his soulful productions, sleight of hand and seldom seen skill on the Maschine MK-series: "The Maschine MK3 is my go-to hardware because of the workflow. I started using the Maschine when it was the MK1. Chopping samples on it is clear and simple enough to cut through and get a good idea going quickly. I love the built-in Native Instruments plug-ins and sounds. I understand no program or controller will ever be “perfect.” But I think if you find one that works for you, than that’s all that matters.".

Needless to say, if you've seen him perform, Datsunn has certainly found the controller that works for him. Being one of the most skilful fingerdrummers in the game, combined with a complete knowledge of Maschine, this is one Live Cookup you don't want to miss.

Make sure you follow him on Instagram and subscribe to his Youtube channel.