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Tracklib Roundup February
Made With Tracklib

Tracklib Roundup February

It's that time again: new month, new music made with — and cleared through — Tracklib. Music that made it to the #1 spot in the Billboard 200 Chart, 70s soul turned into a club mix, a classical recording from Bratislava used for heavy hip-hop, and more.

By Tracklib VIP

Lil Wayne - Harden

Lil Wayne’s highly anticipated follow-up to Tha Carter V debuted at #1 in the Billboard 200 Chart. The track “Harden” includes a Tracklib sample, found and cleared through the platform by producer STREETRUNNER. "I got a call 24 hours before the album dropped that Wayne wanted to use the 'Harden' record. Thank God I was able to clear it in a heartbeat," he told us a day after the album dropped.

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Chinese Man - Hold Tight (ft. Scratch Bandits, Baja Frequencies, ASM & Youthstar)

For the fifth installment of The Groove Sessions, French hip-hop outfit Chinese Man enlisted Scratch Bandits, Baja Frequencies, ASM & Youthstar. Sampling violins from a 1987 recording at the Concert Hall of Czechoslovak Radio in Bratislava. Hold tight, as we have hours of it.

Richard Grey - Shoot You Down (Club Mix)

First Choice with a modern twist. DJ/producer Richard Grey picked an acapella from previously unreleased Philly Groove stems, and amped it up to a modern-day club mix. Well played, Richard: a grade-A vocal feature from the 70s yet all cleared and hit-ready.

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ZionOtis & SkitzoLuvHartD - Up In Smoke

Tracklib Loops live in full effect: a drum break of multi-instrumentalist Statik LNK combined with a guitar loop from an Afro-Caribbean-Latin band from London, UK, a bit of beat magic, and it serves as the perfect mellow backdrop for “Up In Smoke” by ZionOtis & SkitzoLuvHartD.

GEISTHA - Pleasures

A 1-bar string loop is all German producer GEISTHA needed for “Pleasures.” The melodic techno track leans on the strings by Kodály Quartet and Maurice Ravel, who completed his String Quartet in F Major in 1903 at the age of 28(!). The composition is modeled on that of Claude Debussy’s String Quartet. Guess that makes six of our 5 Different Ways of Sampling Claude Debussy feature...

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