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Tracklib Roundup July
Made With Tracklib

Tracklib Roundup July

Five of our favorite new tracks using Tracklib samples. From a nod to a classic Biggie track to hints of disco, Kwaito, Bollywood and soul. All sampled and fully licensed through Tracklib.

By Tracklib

Shabaam Sahdeeq & Nick Wiz - Thunderin'

Cella Dwellas producer Nick Wiz and Brooklyn emcee Shabaam Sahdeeq shake the concrete with “Thunderin’.” Novice hip-hop trivia on what Notorious B.I.G. classic is referenced in this track... Less obvious is the gentle touch sampled from a Hawaiian composer: “Matey” by Paul Page. Sahdeeq and Wiz are going to release a collaborative EP soon called Cabin Fever. Oh, and it’s also worth mentioning that the sample comes from the catalog of a label which also includes a psychedelic rock gem, previously sampled by The Alchemist, Oh No & Quelle Chris...

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Richard Grey - Take Me (ft. Superfunk)

The remix of Superfunk’s “Filterfunk” by French house DJ Richard Grey of two years ago, is now followed up with an official collaboration: “Take Me” sees the fellow Frenchman working together on a new upbeat club mix, sampling 4-bar magic: a catchy disco groove from the Philly Groove archives.

L-FRESH the LION - Werk

Australian rapper L-FRESH the LION stays close to his original roots with the choice for this sample. “Lion” refers to his middle name of ‘Singh,’ given to him by his parents who are from the Indian state of Punjab. His straight talk on “Werk” is backed by a vocal sample of Kavita Krishnamurty, an award-winning, classically-trained (film) singer from India. “Naiya Paar Utaro” is one of the thousands of tracks from Royalty Network, one of the biggest catalogs of Indian/Bollywood music. L-FRESH the LION’s album SOUTH WEST is out now, which looks back on his youth and his life in south-west Sydney, while he reconnects to his roots—also through samples.

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In The Blue Shirt - Breakthrough (for me)

“Breakthrough (for me)” by Japanese producer In The Blue Shirt is one of the most uplifting and original flips of Flashlight’s “Every Little Beat of my Heart” we’ve heard so far. The dynamic track samples two parts of the 1974 soul song, with a pleasing beat switch-up halfway through the track. “Breakthrough (for me)” is part of In The Blue Shirt’s new EP, in my own way e.p.

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Elijah Melo - My Side (ft. Idris Miles)

Last but certainly not least is “My Side” by London-based producer and songwriter Elijah Melo and rapper Idris Miles. Melo took a few seconds from the intro of “Ghets Ghetsa” by Doc Shebeleza to subtly enhance the chorus of this smooth track with fellow Londoner Idris Miles. Late last year, the track by the Kwaito legend was also sampled by Grammy-nominated producer Charlie Heat.

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