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Tracklib Roundup July
Made With Tracklib
Tracklib Roundup

This month's roundup feels like a world tour through samples. From African-inspired house to a French independent hip-hop label, and from Jamaican reggae to Chicago emcees using a Cuban sample. These are our five favorite tracks of July containing samples found and cleared through Tracklib.


O’ Flynn - Sunspear

Ninja Tune producer O’Flynn once again drops an African-influenced house track; his trademark style which has previously been praised by the likes of Four Tet, Gilles Peterson, and Boiler Room (according to the latter, the British producer is “one of dance music’s most prosperous newcomers”). Sampled here is “Sorrow Valley”, a 40s soul gem from the Tuff City Records archives.

Doc Mananoff - Peligro

Fun fact: emcee Doc Mananoff helped to pass on a beat tape from Kanye West while they were in high school (Ye was a friend of Doc Mananoff’s younger brother) to Chicago producers Dug Infinite and No I.D. The rest is history… But back to the present: “Peligro” is Doc Mananoff’s new track featuring fellow Chicagoans Smoke da Soulja and Sarcastik. With some Spanish bars complementing the Latin sample from 1966.

ASM - Grape (ft. Cutty Ranks)

ASM is an abbreviation for A State of Mind: a hip-hop crew from France active since the mid-2000s. As part of independent French label Chinese Man Records, the two emcees Green and FP and DJ/producer Fade now work towards a new (ninth!) album.

Kat Capone - Choke

As featured in our Made With Tracklib category. Kat Capone’s “Choke” is a hard-hitting track produced by KQuick, who was recently featured on Revenge of the Dreamers III. The chorus includes a subtly sampled reggae track from Major Cat.

Alexis Dominique - Moods

The Moods EP by singer Alexis Dominique and producer DJ Skillspinz includes not one, not two, but three Tracklib samples. The explanatory title track samples Lena Swanberg, a pop singer with a jazz background from the roster of Scandinavian label Playground Music.

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