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Tracklib Roundup June
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Tracklib Roundup June

A new run of favorite tracks sampling music from Tracklib. From a Dr. Dre protégé to Italian house. Featuring original artists who were previously sampled by Madlib, Warren G, Shortkut (of Beat Junkies / The Invisibl Skratch Piklz) & more.

By Tracklib

K.A.A.N. - Someone

When Dr. Dre co-signs you, things can get serious. After all, he’s, you know, the guy who put on Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar & Anderson Paak… Last year, Dr. Dre shared in LL Cool J’s Rock The Bells Radio that the then-28 year old rapper K.A.A.N. makes him “feel the way he felt when he met Kendrick," and that they’re 30 tracks deep in a collaboration. Guess mentioning that producers D-Ace & Dem Jointz sampled The Delfonics for “Someone” off last month’s Blissful Awareness album can’t top that info anymore…

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CINTHIE - Concentrate

Previously sampled by Warren G, early Puff Daddy, and for an official The Pharcyde remix by production duo Rae & Christian, The Gaturs’ “Concentrate” gets in a much bass-heavier direction on “Concentrate” by CINTHIE. The Berlin-based producer and DJ speeds up the vocals and turns it into a summer-ready house track. The uplifting disco-infused anthem is part of her new Skylines - City Lights album.

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Von Marley - Dear Amerikkka

“Dear Amerikkka” is a grim story by Chicago-based rapper Von Marley. One about racism, violence, hatred, and the current state of the US after 400 years of slavery. Producer ShelterBoiz pitched up “Show Me The Way (Somebody Show Me The Way To Happiness)” for a subtle hint of positivity. The original is a bittersweet track by The Honey Drippers singer and founder Roy C. Hammond. A sample of the voice behind the infamous “Impeach The President” words; fitting, as Von Marley also got a few words about Mr. President on “Dear Amerikkka.”

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The Rituals - Needin’ Ya

“Needin’ Ya” is a no-nonsense four to the floor tech house track by Italian production duo The Rituals. A vocal sample of G.E.D. Soul stalwarts DeRobert & The Half-Truths leads in the long breaks, selected from eight multitracks of their “Reachin’ Out” song. Matter of fact, ALL songs of the Nashville-based soul band come with exclusive multitracks on Tracklib…

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MIGHTYHEALTHY - 2020-04-22

Miami-based producer MIGHTYHEALTHY used his time in lockdown solitude to create a beat tape of ten bangers. “2020-04-22” is one of them, sampling eerie violin strings from a track by Indian singer, television personality & movie producer M. G. Sreekumar. "Poomanjim Koodarathil" is part of The Royalty Network, one of the biggest available archives of Indian music and Bollywood soundtracks. The full Quarantine Sessions can be found on any streaming platform, released a few months after MIGHTYHEALTHY’s KINGMIGHTY album, which dropped in better days right before COVID-19 took over the steering wheel.

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