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Tracklib Roundup March
Made With Tracklib

Tracklib Roundup March

From a major electro-pop release to independent hip-hop. This month's Roundup again shows the range of producers using Tracklib to sample and license music. Tracklib is for everyone. Or to quote the late great Phife Dawg: "Doesn't matter if you're minor or major."

By DannyVeekens

Phantogram - Ceremony

The title track and album closer of New York-based duo Phantogram contained a psychedelic sample from Sweden. The electro-pop duo sampled Chicago Hartley, a side-project of award-winning producer Jimmy Ledrac. "I think Phantogram sampled 'Syrenhortensia' very creative and clever," Jimmy told us early on in March. "I like the crescendo arrangement of the song and the lyrics make you feel a lot!"

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Jasiah - Break Shit (Prod. Tobias Wincorn & Jasiah)

We can’t top the track description by Tobias Wincorn, the co-producer of ‘Break Shit’: “From vintage kitsch to cutting-edge rap.” By using music from The Republic, a short-lived Afro-Caribbean band from early-80s London, Tobias demonstrates the magic of sampling. Who would’ve thought a Latin Jazz sample could serve a punk-minded hip-hop track… Break shit down, and build it up again.

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Murs & Dee-1 - They Don’t Want Me to Win (Prod. Curtiss King)

Emcees Murs & Dee-1 and producer Curtiss King have already proven to be a good tag team on last year’s collaboration, ‘No Pictures of Jesus.’ Back then, Curtiss King sampled a psych-funk track from 1970. The loop in this month’s ‘They Don’t Want Me to Win’ is from the same era: a 1970s track by 7-piece soul/funk outfit The T.S.U. Tornadoes. Putting Tracklib Loops to the best possible use with a great 2-bar find.

"Tracklib relieves the stress of sampling. The service makes music fun again."


ESTA. - Untouchable

Confession: while working on this feature, the loop ESTA. used for his ‘Untouchable’ track was playing in the background for about a minute. That says something. The loop of Australian Bollywood-inspired band The Bombay Royale just works that well. It’s a sample the Soulection producer happily dug up and licensed through Tracklib. ESTA.: "Tracklib relieves the stress of sampling. The service makes music fun again."

Metasine - On The Rocks

Boston-based producer curated the latest installment of Cypher, a recurring beat challenge by online platform Producer Dojo. This time, all tracks on the EP had to be made using a Tracklib sample of choice. Metasine himself went for sampling a horn section of Uptown Horns, while the three other beatmakers ended up sampling Abo Ghets Ghetsa, The Satin Dolls & Statik LNK.

In an extensive interview with Producer Dojo, Metasine tells more about the process behind the digging and licensing for Cypher 018. “I did not realize the amount of work that goes into licensing a sample... Thank god for Tracklib!”

Want to be featured in next month's Roundup? Share your music on social media and use the hashtag #madewithtracklib so we can find you. And you might become one of our monthly favorites...

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