Tracklib Roundup March
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Tracklib Roundup March

So much amazing music is being created right now with samples from Tracklib. Here are five songs released this last month that we wanted to highlight. All five contain samples found and cleared through Tracklib, of course.


Statik Link - Checks

Statik Link is special to us. Because not only is he using samples from Tracklib in his music, he has also put his instrumental albums on Tracklib for others to sample. So he is taking advantage of Tracklib from both ends. Clever guy. He just released an EP with verses from Machine Gun Kelly, Vyle and Ian Kelly. This track features OG Maco, Big J Tha White Wonder, Keysha Freshh and Freddie Black.

West Monroe - Been Awhile

West Monroe is a Singer/Songwriter, Record Producer, and a multi-instrumentalist born in Houston, now based in Los Angeles. He recently released the album "Memory Ln" containing this song. Listen to the full album here.

T. McCrae - Love Bop

T. McCrae is an American music award nominated singer/songwriter and native of New York. His latest single "Love Bop" is written and produced together with Grammy nominated, FOX'S "Empire" and Drake accredited producer Mity Maose.

Kid Cannibal - люди (the people)

Washington DC based producer Kid Cannibal recently released the EP "Ultimate Collusion" with an interesting theme. Playing on the Russia Collusion, he sampled Russian music and collaborated with MCs from Russia. This track called "люди" and is a collaboration with KD The Stranger. More info on the album can be found here.

Kaywan - Here You Go Freestyle

To come full circle, this track from Kaywan samples a track from Statik Link, featured earlier in this article. Kaywan is based in Richmond, VA and just released the EP "LuuKay The EP" together with LuLu. Listen to it here.

April is Next

We will start doing these roundups monthly. If you have released a song containing samples from Tracklib that we're not aware of, please reach out and we might include you in coming roundups.