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Tracklib Roundup October
Made With Tracklib
Tracklib Roundup October

New month, new music. This time our roundup goes from reflective rhymes to a rattling trap beat, and from the USA all the way to Germany.


Propaganda & Derek Minor - Dope (ft. John Givez)

After the one-second loop on Revenge, Nashville-based rapper-slash-producer Derek Minor makes another Made In Tracklib appearance. Behind the boards, this time: “Dope” is a track he produced for Propaganda, a rapper from Los Angeles. Together they are about to drop a collab EP called Nothing But A Word. Pre-order the EP here, or listen to the soothing Leisure Centre track below for some sampling inspiration.

Myke Bogan - Check Your Energy

Producer Neill Von Tally slows down a Dee Edwards sample to keep the energy up. The track is part of Myke Bogan’s new album, Cult Beauty. In his own words, the Portland-based rapper aims to take the listener “on a path of retrospection, introspection, and self-actualization.”

Just in Beats, Edo Saiya, Kidfinity & Young Richie Rich - Wwnj

“Wwnj” hits the hardest of this month’s bunch. Surprisingly, producer Just in Beats used a hypnotic Tibetan folk sample as a subtle touch to the hard-hitting German rap by Edo Saiya, Kidnfinity, and Young Richie Rich. Their collaborative album Enso is out now.

Baran - For The Night

Using a bassline from South America and a bit of blues, Los Angeles-based hip-hop producer Baran crafted a smooth beat for Wes to rap over. The track is part of a same-titled EP featuring five diverse tracks, showcasing his versatility as a producer.

BAMF BRAT & Blake Saint David - Sundown

Rappers BAMF BRAT and Blake Saint David flow fluently over a beat built around “Blow Out King” by Magic In Threes. “Sundown” is a reflective track taken from BAMF BRAT’s newest album, Loose Squares. The full album includes a staggering total of 13 tracks (out of 15!) with Tracklib samples. The elevator pitch for Loose Squares isn’t as subtle as the Magic In Threes sample, to say the least: “If you hate gentrification or dumb crackers like Donald Trump then this is a project for you.”

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