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Tracklib Roundup September
Made With Tracklib
Tracklib Roundup

It was quite a challenge to select only five tracks made and licensed with Tracklib. But here we are, including heavy-hitters like Young M.A and Charlie Heat and a collaboration featuring Oddisee. Diverse digging as always: ranging from a 16th century lute sample all the way to contemporary Brazilian music.


Charlie Heat - 2PC (ft. 24hrs)

Two weeks ago, Charlie Heat released his official debut album after a years-long winning streak producing for Kanye West, Travis Scott, Pusha T, Madonna, and many others. “2PC” featuring 24hrs sees Charlie Heat flipping a 1985 club track by Earl Turner. It’s one of the two Tracklib samples on his new album.

Young M.A - No Love

A vocal sample of one of the daughters of iconic pianist Fats Domino opens Young M.A’s “No Love.” After that, U-Dub does what he does best: flipping a sample and making a dope beat. No wonder he’s Young M.A’s go-to producer. Also on last week’s official debut album, Herstory In The Making, with two beats including Tracklib samples.

Munch, Datsunn & Oddisee - What Goes Around

Datsunn is a household name here at Tracklib. Creator of our official theme, serial sampler, and a monster on the Maschine. “What Goes Around” is taken from the new Full Circle Pt. 1 EP, released as a collaboration with Detroit-based rapper Munch. The track features Datsunn’s frequent collaborator Zillie Holiday and independent icon Oddisee.

Jai Freedom - Alani

Originally hailing from the island of Maui, producer Jai Freedom now channels a diversity of music styles present throughout the Hawaiian Islands into his beats. Even the sample fits his beach vibes: a track off David Chesky’s Club de Sol album.

HuFlo$$y - Word to my Timbs

Producer Paul Robinson used Tracklib to give shape to HuFlo$$y’s debut track. With “Word to my Timbs” the Brooklyn-based rapper takes his first steps into releasing music through his Flossy Records imprint. Who would’ve thought you can stomp your Timberlands to a 16th-century lute sample...

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