Beat Battle: Double the Heat, twice the 🔥


Beat Battle: Double the Heat, twice the 🔥

Erick Sermon is still not done picking the winner from our last beat battle, but that's not gonna stop us from kicking off a brand new one. This time it's hosted by Charlie Heat, and what could be more fitting than having the first prize be an Elektron Analog Heat 🔥.




August 27, 2019

Charlie is heating up for the release of his new album "Fireworks" in September. If we're lucky we might even hear some Tracklib samples on there. And just last night Pusha T and Lauryn Hill dropped the new single "Coming Home", produced by Charlie together with Kanye West and Mike Dean. But he also took some time out to host this beat battle, which we are very happy for.

Sample to flip

This Beat Battle is a little different, since you're allowed to use any of the tracks from our Dionysus Catalog. But of course we still want it to be free for everyone to participate, so we picked one of our favorites as our free track to download.

This track is free to download for our users for a limited time only. Membership is free. To release the track, you still need a sample license–but we make that part fast and easy for you.

To listen to all the songs you can use in the Beat battle, go to our Dionysus page. Here are a few other great ones to use.

How it works

  1. Make a beat by sampling one of the songs from our Dionysus Records catalog
  2. Upload a video of your beat to Instagram (max 60 seconds) on or before Sunday Sep 8th
  3. Tag the video with #tracklibbeatbattle
  4. Tag at least two producer friends in your post


The catchline of "Audio enhancer. Audio destroyer." says enough: the Analog Heat MKII by the Swedish audio wizards of Elektron is a stereo analog sound processor to alter any sound. It includes eight different circuits for distortion and to add analog filtering or EQ. To either go rough or enhance sounds from a sampler, drum machine, synth, or master bus. Read more about it here. Huge thanks to Elektron for providing the prize.

First Prize:

  • An Analog Heat MKII sound processor by Elektron (worth $900)
  • 1 Sample Clearance (Cat C) + 50 Download Credits from Tracklib

Second Prize:

  • 50 Download Credits from Tracklib

Third Prize:

  • 25 Download Credits from Tracklib

About Dionysus Records

creepxotica dionysus records charlie heat beat battle

Founded in 1983 but a best-kept secret when it comes to sampling, Dionysus covers garage, surf, exotica, punk, and rockabilly music. An exciting and wild ride just like the origins of their name: Dionysus is named after the Greek God of Wine, Women, and Wild Behaviour. That edge is notable through their catalog with raw surf rock by Jason Lee & The R.I.P. Tides, avant-pop by Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited, exotic sounds by Creepxotica, and numerous other acts serving musical hedonism. “Up to this point, I don't believe any of my catalog has been sampled and I'm very excited at the prospect of pieces of our releases being used in the creation of new music,” tells label founder Lee ‘DJ Lee’ Joseph. Time to get to work…

About the judge

charlie heat beat battle

Six times Grammy-nominated producer Charlie Heat put his career on the fast track after being credited on Kanye West’s ‘Life of Pablo’ album for the track ‘Facts (Charlie Heat Version).’ But the years before were far from a slow track—quite the opposite. With productions for artists like Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, Madonna, Vic Mensa, and Denzel Curry, the New Jersey native has proven he’s steadily growing as a hip-hop producer and G.O.O.D. Music signee. And on September 19th, he drops his debut album "Fireworks", which we're pretty sure is going to be 🔥.


Your Instagram profile needs to be public for us to be able to see your post. Only entries using the #tracklibbeatbattle tag with at least two friends are tagged, will be entering the competition.

Your music is still yours. We do not own any of the entries to this competition and will not use them for any other advertising purposes. We will, however, repost your tracks to promote the competition itself.

The first prize will be awarded a full sample license to monetize their work for free. The winner will, however, still have to pay the original rightsholders their share (5, 10 or 20% depending on sample time) of any eventual revenue earned on the new song.

No purchase is necessary to participate, but the samples need to be downloaded using a personal account on Tracklib. The prize is as stated and no cash or other alternatives will be offered. The prizes are not transferable and will be added to the winners Tracklib account.

And you can submit as many entries as you want, as long as they all follow the rules.

The last day to enter the beat battle is Sunday, September 8th 2019.

If you have any further questions about the rules of this competition - just ask us at


We are unfortunately unable to offer support in the comments. If you have any questions, reach out to us here!