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A curated selection of original tracks to sample.

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Monthly digs with a selection of deep cuts with great sampling potential.

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Get inspired by our curated collections with original tracks to sample.

Spring Vibin'

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Positive. Chill. Soulful. Good vibes for the Spring!

Inspired Collections

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Discover our collections inspired by iconic producers, artists, and albums with original tracks to sample.

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Explore our catalog of 10 000+ artists with original tracks available to sample.

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Explore our catalog of 300+ record labels, contemporary and heritage, with original tracks by artists available to sample.

Classic Covers

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Amazing music with some crazy and memorable cover art!

Acoustic Guitar

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Dig a little deeper through all kind of genres for real acoustic guitar sounds!

Strictly Bangers

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Just strictly banging track: all genres, all styles.

Sample Libraries

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Listen to incredible tracks from new labels producing top notch sample libraries with influences ranging from new pop and trap trends to classic original library records.


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Explore modern african dance beats, influenced by hip hop, pop, reggae and more!


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Backwards is sometimes the way forward. These tracks were selected to be flipped and reversed.

Soul & Funk 45s

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Some of the best soul and funk music were only released as singles on small 45 RPM records, until they were put here!

Producer Collections

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Get inspired by collections made by some of the best producers in the game.

Vocals and Acappellas

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Discover original songs and multi-tracks with vocals and acapellas to sample.

Multitracks and Stems

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Discover original songs with multi-tracks and stems by artists to sample.

Get Lucky

Judge the record by its cover.