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Tracklib offers songs to sample, and royalty-free sounds to build with — covering all your sampling needs, in one place.

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This is Tracklib

Tracklib is a subscription service that gives producers access to songs and royalty-free sounds for sampling. Our Songs section has a fast-growing catalog of 100.000+ songs of all genres, from all over the world, and released anytime between 1928-2024. Before downloading a song, you can relax, knowing you can clear the sample in just a few clicks. Our Sounds section offers a complete library of royalty-free one-shots and loops.

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Plans & Pricing

On our Lite plan, you’ll pay for each sample you want to clear, but with our Premium and Max plans, you get unlimited sample clearances. Premium and Max subscribers also get access to our library of royalty-free sounds. Prices start from just $8.99 per month, and you can try for free without any commitments.

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How it works

How to use Tracklib

As a Tracklib subscriber, you get access to 100.000+ songs — from classic tracks to unknown gems. Find the ones you want to sample: discover, explore, and curate collections. Download to start sampling it, create your new track, and come back if you want to clear it for official release.. Premium and Max subscribers also get access to our royalty-free Sounds.

Our Songs

Our Songs catalog

Our fast-growing catalog of over 100,000 songs and multitracks contains music from all over the world, both old and new. We have everything from 70s soul to Bollywood hits, 90s R&B or whatever you'd be interested in. Try finding something that has yet to be discovered or used, or sample a classic.

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Sample clearance

Tracklib is a game-changer, finally allowing all artists and producers to release music with samples legally. Anything on our site can be cleared fast and affordably, no matter if you're sampling Tina Turner or an unknown artist. Unlimited sample clearance is included with our Premium and Max plans, which means sample clearance is included in your subscription.


Our Sounds library

Premium and Max subscribers also get access to our Sounds section — a complete library of one-shots and loops. Everything in our Sounds library is 100% royalty-free and ready to be used commercially. Subscribe to download, and you can use them freely.