The world’s first and only record store for sampling.

Every week Billboard Top 100 contains at least 20 songs with samples. Being able to use a sample is a shortcut to a hit. Here are some of the amazing artists and producers that already use Tracklib to sample original music. Sampling is an art form that has been massively repressed by the extremely complicated copyrights that surround original music.

Tracklib makes sampling and sample clearance fast, easy, legal and affordable for every music producer in the world.

By radically simplifying music licensing we unlock creative opportunities for all the world’s music creators, new revenue for the whole music industry, and change the way the world can make music.

Our vision is to liberate creativity.

Tracklib unlocks

Creative potential – when you can suddenly use an original song as an instrument and know beforehand how much a sample clearance will cost, it changes the way you can create. We even have unique stems and multitracks available for some songs.

Amazing music – we drive deep catalog discovery, unearth unheard music, introduce new regions and genres, and incentivize digitization of old master tapes

New revenues – we generate completely new revenues for original artists, producers, songwriters and their labels and publishers when their music is being sampled.

Tracklib is built by music creators for music creators. We are at your service to help give music new life.

Now go explore our amazing music catalog!

Sampling Music: A Manifesto

We want to bring back the carefree creativity in sampling. By taking away worries about clearance and licensing, producers can fully focus on what they love most: making music.

For far too long now, the art of sampling music has been massively repressed by complicated music laws. Tracklib wants to change that. We make sample clearance fast, easy, legal, and affordable for every music producer in the world. By radically simplifying music licensing we unlock creative opportunities for all the world’s music creators. Tracklib creates new revenue streams for record labels, publishers, and artists. We want to help compose the future of sampling.

Access thousands of songs from all over the world

Tracklib’s dedicated team of crate-diggers, beat conductors, and loop purveyors constantly scour crates to add the best music to Tracklib’s growing catalog of 80K+ original songs and multitracks. Drawing on decades of experience in music production and the music industry, we’ve created a service with the vision to give music new life.

Tracklib is not about free sample packs or artificial one-shot drum samples. Our music catalog is all about finding original songs to sample; from old gems to future classics.

Find the best samples of real music

Dig into curated Collections, or browse all tracks by genre, region, label, or artist. For those who want to dig deeper, we even have filters to narrow down search results by years, song keys, BPM, or track type.

Tracklib is the world's first and only record store for sampling. The catalog is used by producers from any level. From hip-hop’s greats to chart-topping artists to musicians experimenting with a digital sampler for the first time ever.

Sample like Madlib, go for a reversed sample like DJ Dahi on Kendrick Lamar’s “Father Time,” or go as obscure as old Mongolian folk music. With a wide offering of masters, original records, reissues, vocals, and never-before-released multitracks, you can find any type of sample. Whether you’re looking for a new wave of soulacid jazz, or audio quality ranging from obscure lo-fi to audiophile recordings. There are even newly composed originals by Frank Dukes and his Kingsway Library available on Tracklib.

We continuously add new music to the growing catalog of 80K+ original songs. Never let the music end.

Demystifying sampling rights

Ever since the early days of sampling music, there has been controversy and legal complications about who owns the rights to sampled music. Tracklib makes sample clearance and music licensing easy, fast, and affordable. Here at Tracklib, we believe music creators shouldn’t have to worry about uncleared samples or spend time working out the subtleties of royalty-free samples VS. free music. Instead, let’s bring it back to all-original music. Because sampling music is an act of creativity. Better yet: an art form.

We designed Tracklib to take care of all the legal stuff and cut out the clutter. All so you can focus on what you do best: making great music.