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End-of-Year Beat Battle with STREETRUNNER & Cavendish

End-of-Year Beat Battle with STREETRUNNER & Cavendish

Christmas comes early this year with a huge Beat Battle. Not only do we take a deep dive into the iconic library music archives of Cavendish Music, but we also have five pieces of studio gear to give away. Bring your best, impress Grammy-winning producer STREETRUNNER, and start off 2020 with a studio upgrade.


How it works

  1. Make a beat by sampling the free track Smile of a Stranger from the Cavendish Archive
  2. Upload a video of your beat to Instagram (max 60 seconds) on or before January 5th 2020.
  3. Tag the video with #tracklibbeatbattle
  4. Tag at least two producer friends in your post

That's it. Good luck!

You are only allowed to share a 60-second version of your track online as part of this competition - to share a complete track or in other media you still need to purchase a sample license.


A huge shout out to our great partners istandard for providing the prices. This time we have prizes, with a collective value of over $1,800! 🤯


First prize:
Studio One Professional 4.5 by PreSonus [More info] (retail price $449.95)
Lauten Audio Series Black LA-220 Condenser Microphone [More info] (retail price $499)
+ 1 Sample License + 50 Tracklib download credits

Second prize:
Spire Studio by iZotope [More info] (retail price $349)
Kaotica Eyeball [More info] (retail price $198)
+ 25 Tracklib download credits

Third prize:
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones [More info] (retail price $149)
+ 10 Tracklib download credits

About Cavendish Music

The core team of Cavendish Music
The core team of Cavendish Music

If you’re familiar with library music, it’s likely that you’re familiar with Cavendish Music: the largest independent production music publisher of the UK. If “library music” is a new term for you, it needs a bit of context first: library music are tracks originally produced for commercial purposes in TV, film, and radio. Think of background music, soundtracks, jingles, and sound effects. Library music (synonym to production music) is mostly recorded by session musicians and lesser-known background players. The enigmatic music became a cult phenomenon among producers after people like Madlib, MF DOOM, J Dilla, Kanye West, The Alchemist, and—prior to them—experimental artists started sampling it.

Add to collection

With a catalog dating back as far as the 1930s, Cavendish Music (originally founded in 1937 as Boosey & Hawkes Recorded Music Library) is one of the pioneers in library music. “Sampling is a great way for listeners to discover music that they otherwise would never have known about,” tells Alex Grey, Production & Operations Coordinator at Cavendish Music . “Sampling is also a way for producers to revitalize older tracks and give them a new life. Sampling of our archive has shone a light on some gems from our library that we might not even have noticed otherwise.”

The archive of Cavendish Music features heaps of styles ranging from 80s new wave to modern Western themes, and from electronic percussion to even “chill trap.” Anything goes spanning nearly a century of production music. And thee recent addition to Tracklib takes things even further for Cavendish Music. Alex: “As vintage library music is only available on rare vinyl and closed client-only websites, Tracklib opens our catalog up to a whole new world of producers. And new remixes and sample uses create an opportunity for people to explore the original samples, which can create a whole new world of library music fans and anoraks.”

"Sampling of our archive has shone a light on some gems from our library that we might not even have noticed otherwise.”

— Alex Grey (Cavendish Music)

About the judge: STREETRUNNER

Grammy-winning producer STREETRUNNER
Grammy-winning producer STREETRUNNER

Nicholas Warner a.k.a. STREETRUNNER is a Grammy-winning producer based in Atlanta, Georgia. He has worked with the likes of Eminem, LL Cool J, Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, Nipsey Hussle, Nicki Minaj, Slaughterhouse, and won Grammy’s for his productions for Eminem’s MMLP2 (“Bad Guy”) and Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III (“Playing With Fire”). He also has 2 nominations for the 2020 Grammy's. Most recently, he produced tracks for The Game’s new Born 2 Rap album and Fabulous’ Summertime Shootout 3 mixtape. We're thrilled to have him host and judge this special beatbattle.


Your Instagram profile needs to be public for us to be able to see your post. Only entries using the #tracklibbeatbattle tag with at least two friends are tagged, will be entering the competition.

Your music is still yours. We do not own any of the entries to this competition and will not use them for any other advertising purposes. We will, however, repost your tracks to promote the competition itself.

The first prize will be awarded a full sample license to monetize their work for free. The winner will, however, still have to pay the original rightsholders their share (5, 10 or 20% depending on sample time) of any eventual revenue earned on the new song.

No purchase is necessary to participate, but the samples need to be downloaded using a personal account on Tracklib. The prize is as stated and no cash or other alternatives will be offered. The prizes are not transferable and will be added to the winners Tracklib account.

If you have any further questions about the rules of this competition - just ask us at