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Mannish: New Kids on the Block

Mannish: New Kids on the Block

Bow Wow released a debut album at the age of thirteen? Lil Pump “spent ten racks on a new chain” when he was only seventeen? *Yawn.* This new track puts it all in perspective: a Christmas track (sorry not sorry) by Mannish, a hip-hop crew of three kids aged 8, 7 and 6! Produced by Nick Fury (T.I., Nas, E-40) and Unique Beatz, with a sample off Tracklib.

By DannyVeekens

A child-friendly sample of “Deck the Halls” by Peter Pan Orchestra makes quite the contrast with the “mannish” raps by Lil G, D.J., and Vinnie: "I want Gucci on my bandana / this is my letter to Santa.” The Christmas spirit of Mannish: they wanna look fresh–in the beat quirkily complemented by infamous “fresh” scratches.

“I discovered Mannish via professional photographer Kevin Terrel from Atlanta,” tells producer Nick Fury. “The first time I heard them was at my studio together with their dad, ‘G’. The session was magical for Mannish and myself: like a breathe of fresh youthful air.”

Having produced for the likes of T.I., Wu-Tang Clan, Nas, Lil’ Kim, Mary J. Blige, and Fat Joe, recording with the three youngins was something else for Nick Fury: “Recording with them is always a good time of laughing and still getting the job done. Their young spirit keeps me going. They also keep me up-to-date with all the new dances, slang, and songs that kids their age are bopping to. That’s priceless information when pursuing a music career with longevity... You have to blend with the times but still keep your aura in your music.”

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Fury: “I thought about sampling a classic Christmas song, but realizing as an independent release I would have to go through the expensive process of figuring out sample clearance, which I had never done before. That almost made me change my mind. That’s when I thought about Tracklib. I didn't even know that Tracklib had classic Christmas songs. When I went to the site and even found Christmas music, I knew Tracklib would be my method. For a producer like myself who tends to use a lot of samples, Tracklib opened up the door for ‘no worries, the business is straight sampling’.”

Make a beat and recruit your nephews after Christmas dinner:

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