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BROCKHAMPTON is the only boy band to like without ruining street credibility. The self-defined boy band quickly rose from being formed on a hip-hop message board to worldwide fame and huge festival shows. “Dearly Departed” from their brand new ‘Ginger’ album is built around a psychedelic Tracklib sample.


Kevin Abstract, Matt Champion and Dom McLennon all take a step back on “Dearly Departed” for a plain-spoken song. They openly share their fears, regrets, and struggles in the past few years. The split with former group member and childhood friend Ameer Vann (after sexual misconduct allegations) runs like a common thread through all three verses. Most notably in the last verse, in which Dom McLennon comes clean about Ameer setting up one of his friends to be robbed.

The backdrop for their openheartedness is a psychedelic rock track by Swedish platinum-awarded producer Jimmy Ledrac. “Barefoot” is a stretched out dreamy soundscape he produced under his moniker of Chicago Hartley. “I love ‘Dearly Departed’,” says Jimmy Ledrac. “I’m happy they ‘kept’ so much of my original song. I didn’t know much of BROCKHAMPTON’s music yet. But after listening to them, I get modern-day Wu-Tang vibes and I like it a lot. It’s also really cool that they use a lot of samples in their music.”

“When people sample my music, it makes my heart warm, man. I often work all by myself, so when other producers sample my tunes that’s a nice recognition.”

— Jimmy Ledrac

Jimmy Ledrac has seen both sides of the sampling spectrum: “When people sample my music, it makes my heart warm, man,” he says. “I often work all by myself, so when other producers sample my tunes that’s a nice recognition. At the same time, I also sample music myself. Including Tracklib samples such as the Chinese track 'Lullaby' for my song ‘288 GTO’. Tracklib is the modern way to go for sampling: it’s now a lot simpler to clear samples, so I think most producers could benefit from using Tracklib.”

“Dearly Departed” is produced by Romil Hemnani, one of BROCKHAMPTON’s three in-house producers alongside Jabari Manwarring and Kiko Merley. According to a BROCKHAMPTON fan page, Romil has produced over 68% of the tracks in the SATURATION trilogy–which were all three recorded in Romil’s bedroom. On Ginger, Hemnani produced every single track together with Manwarring.