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Tracklib Licensing: Licensing a Song
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Tracklib Licensing: Licensing a Song

Before you release your song to the public, you need a sample license. This is the second of three needed steps to get a fully active license. After that, you can start monetizing your music worry-free with complete sample clearance!


Get a license for a registered and unlicensed song (see here how to register a song) by pressing the License button on your song. You can find this button on the song box under Your Songs or in the header when you're on a Song page.

Acquiring a License

On this page, we explain what getting a license means by listing the things you must, can or cannot do. Remember: this list doesn't contain everything that's in the sample license; it’s just some of the most important rules for managing your license. You should always read the complete license.

At the bottom of this list, you can see a preview of the full license agreement. It doesn't contain some of the additional information that you need to provide later (such as your released ISRC code). Other than that, it’s a complete sample license.

Signing the sample license

You need to enter your full name or the full legal name of the company that will sign the license in the name field. Remember that this is the name of the person or company that will own the license, and that this can not be changed later!

After you enter the name, check both boxes and proceed to the payment to get a sample license from Tracklib.

License payment

You pay for your license using the same payment methods available for track purchases. For Category A and B licenses, the sample license fee is recoupable. This means you don't have to pay us until your revenue share reaches the recoupable amount. After completing the payment, the license is incomplete until activated.

Activating Your License

To activate your license (so you can share and monetize your new song) you need to provide us with some information. Music rights is not an easy topic, but Team Tracklib has worked hard to simplify it for you. We've divided the information required into five simple steps and will guide you through each step.

You can always reach the next step by pressing the button on your INACTIVE license under "Your Songs". You can also reach all steps by pressing the song itself and then navigate to the License section on the left side. Here you find all the information you've provided, and can also go back and change everything until the song is activated. Once it's activated, you can't change any of this information.

Step 1: Song Information

Let us know a bit more about the song. We need to know what the title, artist name and duration of the song is. You also need to upload an mp3 version of your song. All songs uploaded to Tracklib are securely stored on our server and will not be shared with anyone!

Step 2: Rightsholders

We need to know who wrote and published your new song. This information is only for Tracklib. We will help you with the registration in the next step. What you do need at this stage, however, is a valid 11-digit IPI number. You get one by registering at a PRO. You can find a complete list of them in our Support section. You also need to agree that Tracklib co-publishes your track.

Simply add writers or publishers until you reach a total share of 100%. You can't add publishers that add up to more than 50%.

Step 3: Works Registration

This is often considered as the most complicated step in registering a song properly. But don’t worry, we will help you with this step. Simply make sure you've entered the correct information in the previous step and we will guide you through a correct registration.


When a song is registered you get an ISWC number. Since most of the PROs don't provide this directly, this step is optional for now and you need to provide it later.

Step 4: Recording Registration

You (or your label) must properly register the performers on the new recording (and the performers on the sample where we give you that information) with a CMO that handles recording rights. For example, Sound Exchange in the US or PPL in the UK.

Step 5: Distribution

The final step is simple. We need to know how you released your song and the song's ISRC code. If your distributor isn't listed, select “Other” and enter the full name of your distributor. We need the name of your distributor to make sure all parts of the registration go through. We also need someone to contact if there are any issues with the license.

We recommend Distrokid, since we automatically import all revenue from there automatically, so you don't have to report revenue generated from Distrokid at all. It's like magic!

When you’re done: Activating your license

When you’re done, simply activate your license. Make sure that all data is correct before you do so, since you can't change any of this information afterwards. (If you do notice errors, however, just email us at and we'll fix it for you.)

When your license is active, you need to start reporting revenue. We’ve made this as simple as it gets. You only need to report revenue once every six months. You'll get an email and a notification on the site when it’s time to do so.

Next step: Reporting Revenue!