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Tracklib is the world’s only service for sampling real music. Read below to learn more, or continue to our support section for complete details.

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This is Tracklib

Tracklib is a subscription service that gives every musician and producer access to original music for sampling. Our library contains 100,000+ songs and multi-tracks across every genre from all over the world for as little as $8.99 per month. This is real, original music - not sample packs. Before even downloading the song, you can relax, knowing that you will be able to clear the sample in just a few clicks. No need to trace down and negotiate with the original rightsholders - we've got you covered!

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Plans & Pricing

Spark your inspiration with one of our three subscription plans. On our Lite plan, you’ll pay for each sample you want to clear, but with our Premium and Max plans, you get unlimited sample clearances. Prices start from just $8.99 per month, and you can try for free for three days without any commitments.

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How it works

How to use Tracklib

As a Tracklib subscriber, you get access to a curated library of original music from real artists and musicians who have honed their craft for decades. Discover and collect songs. Download to sample, and clear for release. All in one place—welcome to a crate-digger’s paradise.

Our catalog

Our music catalog

Our growing library of over 100,000 songs and multi-tracks contains music from all over the world, both old and new. We have everything from classic soul to contemporary jazz and Indian hits. Try finding something that has yet to be discovered or used, or sample a classic. We even have unique separate multi-tracks you can’t find anywhere else.

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Sample clearance

Tracklib is a game-changer for sample-based music, finally allowing all artists and producers to release music with samples legally. Unlimited sample clearance is included with our Premium and Max plans, which means you can clear as many samples as you want as long as you’re a Tracklib subscriber.