Sample Audiophile Jazz & Classical Music by Chesky Records

Sample Audiophile Jazz & Classical Music by Chesky Records

When the Chesky brothers started a label in 1978, their goal was crystal clear: their studio recordings had to be so detailed, that the sound creates the illusion of live musicians in a real three-dimensional space. The audiophile catalog built up by the Grammy-nominated composers now features a wide array of high-fidelity recordings ranging from jazz to folk, and from post-rock to a 'rap symphony.'




March 3, 2022

Chesky Records operates from a background in audiophile audio. Can you highlight a few songs on Tracklib that illustrate this?

David Chesky (co-founder of**Chesky Records**): All of our albums were done a the highest sampling rates 192.24 and done with one-point miking and the bests A/D converters and mic preamps. We pride ourselves in having the highest resolution and clearest recordings you can get. Explorations In Space And Time by Haddad, White & Sherman demonstrates this. You get a large spacious soundstage by percussionist and Paul Simon collaborator Jamey Haddad, jazz vibraphonist, drummer and pianist Mark Sherman, and jazz fusion drummer Lenny White of Chick Corea’s Return To Forever.

'Area 31' was Grammy-nominated for 'Best Engineered Album.' What makes that release worth digging into for producers in terms of sounds and potential samples?

The Area 31 record was done with one stereo mic. All the sounds are a pure as it can get.

What can you tell about ‘Rap Symphony 2.0,’ which according to the website is your "most complex symphonic work you have ever written"?

The albums are recorded in the purest way we can record. The RAP SYMPHONY record breaks new ground fusing rap with a symphony orchestra.

Can you please tell a bit more about the Binaural+ series an album like ‘Brazil Dances’ is part of?

When we record Binaural such as for the Brazil Dances album, we record with one dummy head. The head hears the space just like a real person would. This is very different from a multi-mic recording.

How does Tracklib fit in with the label mission of Chesky Records?

We want to give music creators the opportunity to work with the cleanest recordings available today, to make their work sound as good as possible.

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