Time for a Refill: 100+ More Bob James Songs Now Added


Time for a Refill: 100+ More Bob James Songs Now Added

There’s no bragging involved when Bob James says he’s “one of the most sampled artists of all time.” ‘Nautilus’ has been sampled by a who’s who of hip-hop producers, and turned from a B-side filler to a staple in hip-hop. And there's more where that came from; Bob James has now added a hundred-plus songs to sample on Tracklib.




May 6, 2021

With already a large portion of his iconic OneTwo & Three album series on CTI Records, among other albums such as Alone: Kaleidoscope By Solo Piano and a Bob’s Best collection (curated by Tracklib’s Omar), we figured the diggers out there who want to go even deeper must be thirsty for a refill…

Cue Bob James: "Here we are. In this creative, unpredictable, amazing new world of turning music upside down. I know the power and magic that can be contained in samples (...)" The new batch of hundred-plus songs from 25 different albums include the namesake track of his Tappan Zee label, music featuring Japanese pianist Keiko Matsui, his Grammy-winning One on Onecollaboration with guitarist Earl Klugh (Yusef Lateef, George Benson, Hubert Laws), and music as previously dug up by Madlib, Masta Ace, Erick Sermon, Jeru the Damaja, among many others.

To add to this producers' galore; all new Bob James songs are in category C and hence available to clear for as little as $50!

"The most powerful aspect of Tracklib is bringing people together."

—Bob James

Like his catalog is full of sampled originals, Bob James himself is full of stories. In this second edition of "Bob James reacts to songs sampling him", he shares memories of wearing Slick Rick’s gold chains, raises eyebrows over explicitly vivid lyrics by Murs, tells what he thinks of Clark Kent’s brass interpretation of “Shamboozie”—and his facial expression while listening to “Last Dayz” by Onyx speaks volumes. Watch the video below to see all of his reaction:

In case you missed the news: In late January 2021, jazz/funk innovator Bob James became available to sample on Tracklib, including twenty-plus of his most iconic tracks. From the legendary sampling staple ‘Nautilus’ to ‘Westchester Lady’ and ‘Dream Journey’. After an overwhelmingly positive response from producers around the world, a hundred-plus additional songs have now been added to that list of classics available to sample. Click here to watch, listen and read the first announcement.

As if that wasn't enough, Bob James and 9th Wonder rejoiced in a critically acclaimed conversation around sampling, culture, collaboration and music production. The two legends didn't just get an opportunity to convey their mutual respect, but started talks about collaborating on a project together, with Bob James stating he'd like to "reverse sample" 9th Wonder. Watch the full conversation below.

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