Sample the Origins of Horrorcore RapSample the Origins of Horrorcore Rap


Sample the Origins of Horrorcore Rap

'Raw' is an understatement to describe Brotha Lynch Hung's music. With his merciless 'rip-gut' style of hip-hop he is considered the founder of horrorcore rap. His debut album 'Season of da Siccness' was released in a few months' time from '6 Feet Deep' by Gravediggaz. The "murderous themes and bleary keyboard funk" of Brotha Lynch Hung was sampled by Lil B, Freddie Gibbs, Death Grips, MC Eiht, and more.




January 4, 2024

"When I was young, horror movies is all I watched… That's all I've been into, ripgut cannibal. And then, basically, all I do is eat meat! That's my thing."

—Brotha Lynch Hung

"An early horrorcore classic, 'Return of Da Baby Killa' finds Brotha Lynch Hung's narrator murdering unborn babies in the most fucked up way imaginable. The worst part is, the narrator admits he's not entirely sure why he does it: 'Season of da siccness brooding, got me tripping for no reason.'"


"The onetime Meadowview Crip drenched himself in murderous themes, bloody gun warfare, occasional cannibalism, and bleary keyboard funk. (...) A rapper-producer who pioneered slang like 'sicc,' 'ripgut,' and 'locc.'"

—Rolling Stone (The 100 Greatest West Coast Hip-Hop Songs of All Time)

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