Win a Release on Armada Music — Competition Judged by ChicaneWin a Release on Armada Music — Competition Judged by Chicane


Win a Release on Armada Music — Competition Judged by Chicane

When global dance titan Armin van Buuren co-founded Armada Music in 2003, his vision was to promote the best dance music around. Tracklib now offers a special opportunity to become part of their award-winning, star-studded catalog. Enter this placement competition to win an official release on Armada Music, the biggest independent dance music label in the world!




June 8, 2022

This competition has officially ended and all further submissions will be disregarded. The winners will be announced here and on all our socials during October 2022.

Songs to Sample

Are you new to Tracklib? In affiliation with Armada Music, you can now start a special trial with 15 download credits so you can enter the competition for free.

How it Works

  1. Sample (not remix!) one or more of the four songs above by Chicane.
  2. Produce a track with the style of Armada Music in mind.
  3. Post this picture on Instagram or Twitter and tag at least two producer friends in your post who should join this competition.
  4. Follow Tracklib and Armada Music on Instagram.
  5. Submit your track via this link before the end of the day, Sunday July 24th (all timezones included).

The winners will be announced on our social channels and on this blog page in September, 2022.

"I'm excited to see what people do now that I’ve made these songs available to sample on Tracklib. In some ways, it’s like passing the baton."

— Chicane (Judge)



  • An official release of your track on Armada Music—including sample clearance, of course!
  • A one-year Professional subscription to Tracklib
  • A digital feedback session with Chicane
  • A shout-out on Chicane’s, Armada’s and Tracklib’s social channels
  • Armada Music merchandise
  • A featured article on


  • A one-year Standard subscription to Tracklib
  • A shout-out on Chicane’s, Armasa’s and Tracklib’s social channels
  • An Armada University course of choice (worth $60)
  • A digital feedback session with an Armada Music A&R
  • Armada Music merchandise


  • A one-year Standard subscription to Tracklib
  • A shout-out on Chicane’s, Armasa’s and Tracklib’s social channels
  • An Armada University course of choice (worth $60)
  • Armada Music merchandise

Submission Requirements

  • You need to sample one (or more) of the four songs by Chicane listed above.
  • You can sample a maximum of 60 seconds from the song(s).
  • You need to download the songs on Tracklib. Yes, we will check!
  • You can submit however many tracks you'd like—as long as they all follow the rules. Every submission needs its individual social media post link. So you need to post multiple times for different entries.
  • For your submission to be eligible, you are not allowed to release your submission in any way (including social media) before the winners of this competition have been announced.
  • To publicly share or release your submission (after the winner has been announced) containing a sample from Tracklib, you need first to obtain a sample license from Tracklib.

Your music is still yours. We do not own any of the submissions to this competition and will not use them for any other advertising purposes. We might, however, repost your track(s) to promote the competition itself.

Sampling Rules

  • You can use and sample any legally obtained royalty-free sounds in your track, and you need tosample one (or more) of the four songs by Chicane listed above—but you cannot sample anything else that needs to be cleared.
  • You can sample just one of the four songs listed above, or multiple, or even all four if you'd like.
  • You can sample and manipulate the songs however you want. Chop up the music, find the perfect loop, or go crazy with FXs. It's all up to you!
  • You cannot remix the Chicane songsbut only sample them. Essentially this means you need to create a new track sampling a maximum of 60 seconds from one (or more) of the Chicane songs listed above—as opposed to reworking or remixing one of them.

Prizing Rules

  • The first prize winner will be awarded a sample license to monetize their work, with no need to pay the license fee. The winner will, however, still have to share revenues from the new recording and the copyright in the new composition with the original rightsholders from any revenue earned on the new song. How much depends on your submission's total sampled time and the category of the recording sampled.
  • The prize is as stated. No cash or other alternatives will be offered.
  • The prizes are non-transferable.

For any questions not answered by the information above, please contact

Click here to find the full Tracklib standard competition terms and conditions. Please note that you must comply with these terms and conditions to enter the competition.

About The Judge: Chicane


This placement competition commemorates the 25th anniversary of Far from the Maddening Crowds, the official debut by UK producer Chicane. On the 1997 album, he moves with ease between ambient soundscapes, breakbeats, and Ibiza-inspired dance anthems. As one-half of the duo Disco Citizens, Chicane first entered the Top 40 charts in 1995 with their hit "Right Here Right Now." In the decades to come, he’d find his way into the charts numerous times including collaborations with the likes of Tom JonesFerry CorstenCherNatasha BedingfieldKeane, and an official remix for Bryan Adams. After four years of working with Armada Music, **Chicane**officially signed to the Dutch imprint in 2012.

About The Label: Armada Music

armada music

Armada Music was founded in 2003 by global dance icon Armin van Buuren, who together with business partners Maykel Piron and David Lewis forms the label’s name (Ar-Ma-Da). Armada's roster boasts a wide range of electronic music, including releases by household dance names such as Andrew RayelSteve AokiCat DealersFedde Le GrandSunnery James & Ryan MarcianoInner City's Kevin Saunderson, and Tensnake. Operating from its headquarters in Amsterdam with offices in New York and London, Armada Music is one of the biggest independent dance labels in the world.

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