Sample Multitracks from Chords' new Beat Tape


Sample Multitracks from Chords' new Beat Tape

A release on cassette is as old school as it gets. But the new ‘Poisson Noir_sans bars’ tape by Swedish hip-hop heavyweight Chords is actually the first in its kind: on top of the digital release, multitracks are made available right away for sampling. A groundbreaking way to flip the script for sampling: music made for everyone.




April 22, 2020

At the very same moment as the digital release of the Poisson Noir_sans bars beat tape, various multi-tracks were made available on Tracklib. This means that any beatmaker can download, sample, and fully license all-new music coinciding with the official release. "It's so cool to release the album with stems on the very same day, I’m really excited about that,” says producer Chords. "It's a thing out of love for the beat culture. Why wait with releasing multitracks if you can actually help producers with it?"

Here at Tracklib, we love dusty crates and records as much as the next beat head. Yet this first-ever album release with multi-tracks opens new potential for beatmakers. A way to be ahead of other producers and diggers alike; to be the very first to sample music. And to possibly even set a standard with it while you’re at it. Just like the beat tape Poisson Noir_sans bars now does: a forward-thinking release, and the first of more to come.

About Chords

jens resch chords

Rapper-turned-producer Chords is a household name in the Swedish hip-hop scene. From the late 90s onwards, he first rose to fame as a partner in rhyme with Timbuktu (one of Sweden’s biggest rappers). Nearly two decades later, he’s now four solo releases deep. Not even counting his three albums with reggae project Helt Off as a singer, and numerous collaborations as a producer and songwriter. Chords even reached a Swedish Grammy nomination last year.

About The Beat Tape

Poisson Noir_sans bars is released on David vs Goliath, the record label founded by Looptroop Rockers. It’s part of Embee & Cosmic's 93 Feet Beats album series, released on cassette tapes to pay tribute to beat culture. Each release is 20 minutes long, which equals 93 feet when you roll out the magnetic tape. Other producers in the series so far include Budo (who produced for Macklemore, Luckyiam, Grieves & others), Gravy Sparks (the producer alias of Prop Dylan), DJ Large (of MBMA), and Isak’sSon and Embee of Looptroop Rockers.

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