Lofi Battle Judged by Cookin Soul


Lofi Battle Judged by Cookin Soul

We've teamed up with Chillhop Music to bring you our first ever Lofi Beat Battle! So it's time to channel your inner-Nujabes: the winning entry of this Beat Battle will be officially released by Chillhop Music, AND gets a one-week feature in their major 'lofi hiphop beats' Spotify playlist, followed by over a million listeners! Sample one (or more) of the songs as selected by producer and competition judge Cookin Soul, and get cooking yourself.




June 23, 2021

This competition has officially ended. Any further submissions will be disregarded. You can see and hear the winners below.

With the recent addition of hundreds of Chillhop beats and multitracks to Tracklib, the Rotterdam-based, worldwide-focused platform takes another step in reconnecting with its roots in sampling. For the collaborative release of Saudades do Tempo, selected producers of Chillhop's roster dug deep into the Tracklib archives.

Now it's your turn to show them what you got: sample one (or more) of the songs below, submit your entry (see below for the Rules and How It Works), and you can win an official release on Chillhop Music and a placement in Chillhop Music's "lofi hip hop beats" playlist with million-plus followers.

Songs to sample

How it works

  1. Download the songs listed above (New to Tracklib? You can use your free trial to get 7 download credits for free)
  2. Make a lofi beat appropriate for Chillhop's biggest playlist on Spotify by sampling one (or more) of the 5 songs listed above
  3. Upload a video of your beat to Instagram (max 60 seconds) before the end of the day, Sunday August 1st, 2021 (all time zones included)
  4. Include your Tracklib account username or email in the description of the Instagram post
  5. Tag the video with #lofibeatbattle
  6. Tag at least two producer friends in your post who shouldn't miss out on this Beat Battle
  7. Follow Tracklib and Chillhop Music on Instagram

You are only allowed to share a 60-second version of your track on Instagram as part of this competition. To share or release a complete track, you need to purchase a sample license.


chillhop beat battle prizes


  • Your track gets officially released on Chillhop Music (sample(s) cleared by Tracklib)
  • Your track will get placed in Chillhop Music's lofi hip hop beats Spotify Playlist of 1 million-plus followers for at least one week
  • XLN Audio's XO plugin (Value: $200)
  • XLN Audio's RC-20 plugin (Value: $120)
  • A one-year Tracklib Standard subscription (Value: $168)


  • XLN Audio's RC-20 plugin (Value: $120)
  • A one-year Tracklib Standard subscription (Value: $168)

Submission rules & information

  • You need to sample one (or more) of the 5 songs listed above.
  • You need to download the songs from Tracklib. Yes, we will check.
  • Your Instagram profile needs to be public for us to be able to see your post/submission.
  • For your entry to be valid you need to follow Tracklib and Chillhop Music on Instagram, include your Tracklib account username and/or email in the description, use the hashtag #lofibeatbattle, and tag two friends in your post.
  • You can submit however many submissions you'd like—as long as they all follow the rules.
  • Your music is still yours. We do not own any of the submissions to this competition and will not use them for any other advertising purposes. We might, however, repost your track(s) to promote the competition itself.

Sampling rules & information

  • You can use and sample any royalty-free sounds next to the 5 selected songs listed above in your track—but nothing else that needs to be cleared.
  • You can sample just one of the 5 songs listed above, or all 5 if you'd like. It's up to you!
  • You're allowed to sample multitracks from the 5 songs listed above. To listen to a song's multitracks, click on its title and you'll see all its available multitracks, like this.
  • You can sample the songs however you'd like, and you may manipulate the samples however you'd like. Chop it up, find the perfect loop, or go crazy with FXs. It's up to you!
  • At least one of the songs sampled needs to play an important part in your track. This means, for example, that you can not just sample one snare-hit from the 5 songs listed above, and add it to one of your previously created tracks. Just make sure to actually utilize and sample one of the 5 songs listed above for your track, and you're good to go!

Prizing rules & information

  • The first prize will be awarded sample license(s) to monetize their work, for free. The winner will, however, still have to pay the original rightsholders their share of any potential revenue earned on the new song. How much depends on your total sampled time.
  • The prize is as stated and no cash or other alternatives will be offered.
  • The prizes are not transferable.

About the judge

Cookin Soul

Spanish producer Cookin Soul has built a steady catalog, and a dearly beloved **Youtube channel **over the last sixteen years. Through production duties for Mac Miller, Pusha T, Redman, Conway, Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa, Joey Bada$$, among others, as well as a wide array of mixtapes and infamous mashups taking on music by the likes of MF DOOM, Jay-Z, Nas & Gil Scott-Heron. First as a production duo, and for a few years now on a solo tip. The most recent release by the Grammy-winning Platinum producer is Whateva Vol. 4, another collection of laid-back and head-nodding beats.

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