Cumbia Sounds, Unearthed Deep Down in the Amazon JungleCumbia Sounds, Unearthed Deep Down in the Amazon Jungle


Cumbia Sounds, Unearthed Deep Down in the Amazon Jungle

Ranil's cumbia was a best-kept secret among collectors and those digging for psychedelic Latin sounds. Until Analog Africa got their hands on the original records sourced from Raúl Llerena Vásquez a.k.a. Ranil himself... After hiding deep inside the Amazon jungle since the early 1970s, you can now sample the infectious cumbia rhythms of Ranil.




March 8, 2024

"Ranil is a larger-than-life personality who swirled the teeming buzz of the Amazonian jungle, the unstoppable rhythms of Colombian and Ecuadorian dance music, and the psychedelic electricity of guitar-driven rock-and-roll into a knock-out, party-starting concoction."

—Album liner notes

Ranil y su Conjunto Tropical

"I like to showcase the rhythms that came to fruition in other parts of the globe and which are the result of a clash of cultures between African and American Indians, often also mixing that up with European beats. Africans arriving in the Americas was like throwing a match into a barrel of gunpowder."

—Samy Ben Redjeb (founder of Analog Africa)

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