Golden-Era Sounds by L.A. Funk/Soul Collective El Trappo


Golden-Era Sounds by L.A. Funk/Soul Collective El Trappo

Using vintage gear and tape machines, El Trappo creates music tailor-made for sampling. The L.A.-based collective consists of multi-instrumentalists and studio musicians who have worked with artists such as Seal, Biz Markie, and Panic! At The Disco.




July 14, 2021


“We don’t write anything before we record. Every time we step into the studio we have no idea what we will create. We set up the mics, everyone hops on an instrument, and we just go for it. Everything is on the spot feeding off of each other and exploring new musical ideas together. Completely free artistic expression. That’s both terrifying and exciting! It makes for a raw and unique record. Creativity flourishes when you step outside of the usual boundaries of the industry. At the end of the day, we’ve created something that we are all extremely proud of and could have never made without that freedom.”


“New Monkey Studio was originally Elliott Smith’s personal studio, it is now a fully commerical operation while still keeping Elliott’s gear, instruments, and legacy alive. There’s a beautiful Trident A-Range console, tape machines, and the best wishlist of vintage outboard gear you could dream of. The studio itself is such a big part of the project. It’s like the studio is a member of the band. The history and the eclectic décor give us constant inspiration.”

el trappo in the studio

"Sampling is incredible. (...) Looking at a turntable as an instrument is such a revolutionary idea!"

—Scott Chesak (of El Trappo)


“Sampling is an incredible yet highly misunderstood artform. Looking at a turntable as an instrument is such a revolutionary idea! Like any instrument, there are great players and there are bad players. It’s a beautiful thing when a crate-digger can find that lost hidden gem and flip it with a modern perspective. Or take a well-known tune and make something fresh and exciting with it. Collaborating with our musical present and past to create its future. Music is constantly evolving and musical ideas are not beholden to their original presentation. Every time we release a song we think of it as Version 1.0. Who’s going to take those musical ideas to the next level? Who’s going to flip our music and create Version 2.0? 3.0?”


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