Learn How to Sample like J Dilla, Madlib, Kanye West, 9th Wonder & Nujabes


Learn How to Sample like J Dilla, Madlib, Kanye West, 9th Wonder & Nujabes

Hip-hop is a culture and a movement, rather than just a genre. Built upon versioning, reworking and influencing one another to create an ever-expanding phenomenon. We've teamed up with producer, teacher and beatmaking guru JFilt of Verysickbeats to help evolve your sampling techniques—by learning from the icons! From specific crate-digging techniques to the finished beat: be inspired as we guide you through every step along the way.




January 5, 2021

About the Series

Our new video series Iconic Sampling Techniques, hosted by JFilt of Verysickbeats, teaches you about the sampling techniques of the greats, to inspire and expand your own production. Learn how to maximize Tracklib as a crate-digging tool to find the specific sounds you're looking for, and how to utilise samples to achieve the sounds of icons such as J Dilla, Madlib, Kanye West, 9th Wonder, and Nujabes.

About JFilt of Verysickbeats

Atlanta-based JayJay Johnson a.k.a. JFilt (Justified From Instilled Life Teachings) is a producer, musician, content creator, tutor, and beatmaking guru who's never not learning. He has vast and versatile experience in the music production business: from getting his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Electronic Media, to starting his own production company, to making a living as a freelance keyboardist. JFilt has created one of the most beloved beatmaking channels on YouTube under the moniker of Verysickbeats. As a result of consistent uploads and highly useful beatmaking tips, Verysickbeats has now reached over 70.000 subscribers. All through his channel's mantra: "Peace&PositiveEnergy."

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Learn how to sample like Madlib

Learn how to sample like Kanye West

Learn how to sample like 9th Wonder

Learn how to sample like Nujabes

Learn how to sample like J Dilla

This series is by no means intended to plagiarize or replicate these producers in any way. Make sure you use these iconic techniques not to imitate, but to integrate, hone, and help develop your own sound and way of producing.

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