Introducing: Tracklib Loops


Introducing: Tracklib Loops

Introducing Tracklib Loops - helping you find perfect loops in any song on Tracklib. Like bringing an automatic sampler to a dusty record store.




October 24, 2019

Press play on this track to try it right now

Whenever you see a track with purple icons and a purple play button, you're looking at an already saved loop. Just like this one below.

Press play to listen to the loop. Then try clicking around in the waveform. It's as easy as that!

To loop all areas of a song you need to be logged in with your Tracklib account. If you don't have one - create one now - it's free!

You can loop any track on Tracklib

The tracks below are not saved as loops, so playing them will just start from the beginning. But once they're playing, you can just press the loop button in the bottom player or on the album cover to start your loop. This works on all our tracks, wherever you find them.

Try playing the tracks below, and then press the loop button to start looping!

loop player article img 1

Loop any part of all songs

loop player article img 2

For all songs in loop mode there are grey lines that represent the start of each bar. When you press the loop button and start looping it automatically starts playing from the start of the current bar. Click anywhere on the currently playing (looped) track to start looping a different bar.

Change loop length

loop player article img 3

You can switch between 1, 2, 4 or 8 bars by using the plus and minus buttons next to the loop button in the player.

Save your loops to collections

loop player article img 4

Loops can be saved in collections, by clicking the purple heart symbol on a track that is currently in loop mode. You can save as many loops as you wish of one track in any collection.

Download loops from tracks you own

loop player article img 5

When you're in loop mode on a track that you own, the download button downloads the current loop. Yes, that’s right, you can start downloading loops directly from Tracklib to drop right into your DAW.

Try it right now with this collection of previously free tracks!

To avoid any confusion - you still buy full tracks and license songs the same way on Tracklib. Tracklib loops are used to find great things to sample and to make it easier to work with the tracks you own.

Some more tips and features!

The loop player can be controlled via keyboard too, and we've even added some additional features:

L - Turn loop mode on or off while playing a track.

While in loop mode:

Left Arrow - Move the current loop one bar earlier.
Right Arrow - Move the current loop one bar later.
Shift + Left Arrow - Move the current loop one BEAT later. This adjusts all grey lines (start of bars) in the current song as well.
Shift + Right Arrow - Move the current loop one BEAT later, also adjusting the grey lines for the song.

Try also clicking H to see all keyboard shortcuts on Tracklib!

Let us know what you think!

This is a brand new feature, and we expect there will be some issues. If you have some feedback or if something isn't working properly - just let us know by emailing

Get started with these loop collections

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