Jimi Hendrix' Go-To Psychedelic BandsJimi Hendrix' Go-To Psychedelic Bands

Jimi Hendrix' Go-To Psychedelic Bands

As the guitar legend he is, Jimi Hendrix is a true icon in psychedelic rock. The following are two bands he loved to work and perform with—two bands you can sample, following in the footsteps of The Alchemist, DJ Shadow, J Dilla, Beastie Boys, and more.




December 18, 2023

Curtis Knight

"Jimi Hendrix was based in Harlem in 1965, working intermittently as an itinerant sideman when he met Curtis Knight in a hotel lobby. Knight invited Hendrix to record with him. (...) These demos provide a window into the formation of Hendrix’s creative evolution."


Songs from 1968's Flashing by Jimi Hendrix & Curtis Knight were sampled by Beastie Boys, DJ Shadow, UNKLE, and Black Sheep—a testament to their fruitful psychedelic collaborations. For more inspiration, hear how J Dilla sampled Curtis Knight’s "Hi-Low," which is available for cleared and legal sampling here on Tracklib:

Baby Grandmothers

"Baby Grandmothers was mainly inspired by Jimi Hendrix and the sound of the time, and then it has been developed from there by the use of all kinds of pedals and boxes."

—Kenny Håkansson (lead vocalist/guitarist of Baby Grandmothers)

Baby Grandmothers is another example in the lane of Jimi Hendrix. The Swedish band was heavily inspired by the acid rock of bands like Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. In 1968, the band toured with the latter through their home country. Decades later, Ka and The Alchemist & Oh No sampled “Bergakungen” by Baby Grandmothers for two heavy bangers:

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