Levantine Music Group: Rocking Arabic Sounds


Levantine Music Group: Rocking Arabic Sounds

As the guitarist of Khalas Arabic Rock Orchestra and the founder of Palestine Music Expo, Abe Hathot soon realized how much talent there is in the Middle East. Hiding in plain sight, not reaching the rest of the world. With Levantine Music Group he steps in to give Arabic music the push it deserves.




November 26, 2019

This decade has seen countless tracks sampling Arabic music. From Hit-Boy sampling Asala for A$AP Rocky’s “1 Train,” to Beyoncé using Oum Kalthoum in a live version of “Naughty Girl” during last year’s On The Run tour. “To me, all of those examples just show that Arabic samples are going to be the next big thing,” says Abe Hathot, who founded Levantine Music Group together with Sarah Williams. “There are such amazing grooves and unique instruments that will capture your ear and move your soul. My goal with Levantine Music Group is to have everyone experience that.”

One of their artists is Samer Rashed, who is currently touring the UK with his blend of Gypsy Jazz and Arab Music. Abe: “Gypsy music and Arabic music are cousins. The Oud instrument is the father of the classical or flamenco guitar. But Samer’s blend with his violin and his own fusion of those two genres takes you on a journey with oriental scales and jazz chords. It’s full of amazing potential samples…”

“If Timbaland and Jay-Z had Tracklib when they made 'Big Pimpin'', they wouldn’t have had to go through all those legal issues.”

— Abe Hathot, founder of Levantine Music Group

Abe Hathot (founder of Levantine Music Group & guitarist for Khalas Arabic Rock Orchestra)

It’s Levantine Music Group underlying purpose for listeners to—through Arabic music—learn more about the region, the music, and local artists. Now with Tracklib, sampling is another way for them to let listeners explore the context and artists from the Middle East and North Africa. Abe: “Sampling changed the world of music for the better, especially in today’s age. Sampling opened the door for a younger generation to take something they love and appreciate and make it their own. This allows them to also open up their music to a whole different fanbase.”

“I really think Tracklib is a game changer,” Abe continues. “It’s becoming an essential tool for every producer to get unique samples that will take their beats to the next level. All that at a very reasonable price, and without worrying about all the legal issues because it's cleared on the spot. If Timbaland and Jay-Z had Tracklib when they made “Big Pimpin”, they wouldn’t have had to go through all those legal issues.”

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