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Music Of The Sea's Infinite Soundtrack
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Music Of The Sea's
Infinite Soundtrack

Started in the pre-internet days, Music Of The Sea has grown into a major one-stop-shop for music publishing and licensing. With tracks by artists like Beyonce, Chaka Khan, Kool & The Gang, The O'Jays and Solange, the Chicago and L.A.-based company places music in all kinds of media. Even if you have never heard of them yet, it’s likely that you have heard their music in films or television shows.


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Tracks from Music Of The Sea’s catalog can be heard in movies such as Training Day, Scary Movie 5, and soon in Quentin Tarantino’s new film, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood–their biggest placement. In television shows like Empire, NCIS, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Netflix shows like Better Call Saul and The Sinner. Or even while getting a coffee at Starbucks. The list is endless–also think of YouTube videos, ads, apps, restaurants, and retail stores. Finding your ears since 1995.

Eddie Caldwell (Founder & CEO of Music Of The Sea)
Eddie Caldwell (Founder & CEO of Music Of The Sea)

Music of the Sea was founded by Eddie Caldwell, who started off his musical career as a producer. His work includes productions for the likes of Ohio Players, Earth, Wind & Fire, and several underground rappers from Chicago. “I started producing in the early nineties and I sampled every rare record I could find”, Caldwell says. “So I may appreciate more than a record label because I’m a producer myself.”

With that background, it’s no wonder that he is also open and attracted to sampling. “I think [Tracklib] is groundbreaking. It’s a freeway of love to a creative genius in the making. [If I could sample] it would be from Psychedelic Soul Crew, Varadero Beach Allstars, Tiny Barge Jr and Archie Thompson because they all have live instrumentation, lush horns, huge hooks and great soul vocalists.”