Who is the Real Peter Gundry?Who is the Real Peter Gundry?


Who is the Real Peter Gundry?

Who is the person behind the dark compositions sampled by 21 Savage, Pop Smoke, Russ, Coi Leray, and 808Melo, among others? Time to pull back the curtain on Peter Gundry.




February 1, 2023

Who is Peter Gundry?

Peter Gundry is a producer and composer from Queensland, Australia. Since 2013, he carves out his own mysterious world of music and the use of sinister artwork and photos. Most notably through his highly popular YouTube channel and albums including The Edge of Darkness, V Ö L U R, and The Lost Book of Fantasy.

peter gundry hidden lore studios

Where is Peter Gundry based?

Peter Gundry operates from a home studio deep down the eastern side of Australia, in the state of Queensland. Even the name of his own studio adds to the mystery of his dark world-building: Hidden Lore Studios.

What kind of music is Peter Gundry?

Peter Gundry's compositions are grounded in dark fantasy, Celtic music, folklore creatures, and neoclassicism. Song titles like "Dark Magic Music," "The Vampire Masquerade," and "The Last Vampire," all play a part in the fantasy world he's unfolding as the peculiar producer he is.

Even all cover art and photos follow the same fantasy style, such as the fine art of British photographer David Hamilton on "Salem’s Secret," or the artwork by Florian Avala Fauna for "Goëtia."

Albums by Peter Gundry

Peter Gundry's debut album The Lost Book of Fantasy was released on CD in 2014 on his independent imprint That Above So Below. Other releases on that label include 2015's The Elixir of Life and the same year's album The Edge of Darkness. His 2016 album The Shadow's Bride is described by him on Bandcamp as a "Dark Fantasy Album compiled of Vampiric, Magic and Dark Instrumental Compositions." His

Since those releases and the independently released album V Ö L U R in 2019, the vast majority of his music was self-released on Bandcamp. Available as free downloads and paid digital formats.

Similar artists to Peter Gundry

Similar artists include Nytt Land, Sowulo, Brunuhville, Celestial Aeon Project, Osi and the Jupiter, Forndom, and Adrian von Ziegler.

How to license music by Peter Gundry

mortal kombat 11 game music soundtrack peter gundry

Previous placement for the Australian producer and composer include Mortal Kombat 11, NBC television series The InBetween, a Jägermeister campaign, and Netflix film Spivak. "I receive a vast amount of emails daily and am unable to respond to most," he writes on his website. "I cannot respond to the large amount of people wanting free music use as no one works for free. No response does not mean you have permission of music use."

Based on what his website description sounds like, it's likely there have been uncleared samples or unlicensed usage of his music in the past: "My music isn't available for hip-hop/rap music without consent and licensing." In case you're not familiar with music licensing yet, dive into our guide on sample clearance and licensing to learn all about it.

Peter Gundry samples and mixes

Even in his Hidden Lore Studios, there's no way to stay hidden. Let alone after reaching nearly a million subscribers with his Youtube channel. So there's no surprise that his tracks have also been found and sampled by numerous hip hop producers who were after dark, neoclassical vibes.

808Melo sampled his track "The Coven" for Pop Smoke's eerie trap banger "Dior." Or think of the ominous "The Devil" which Emkay sampled for Nardo Wick's "Wicked Witch," and by Kid Hazel for "Immortal" by 21 Savage.

The latter producer returned to Gundry's music more often: Kid Hazel also sampled the song "A Grave Conversation" for the viral hit "BIG PURR (Prrdd)" by rappers Coi Leray and Pooh Shiesty in 2021, who were both part of Rolling Stone's Breakthrough 25 chart that year. Another example is "Fuck That" by Russ, which samples Gundry's piano playing on "The Last Vampire."

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