The Rhythm Roulette Winner's Studio Session with Rockwilder

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The Rhythm Roulette Winner's Studio Session with Rockwilder

Mass Appeal's Rhythm Roulette series has featured some of the best sample-based producers in the game. Last year, a new producer was added to that all-star list of participants, when Don Kody won the official Rhythm Roulette competition by Tracklib & Mass Appeal. We flew him to New York to have a studio session with the contest's judge, Rockwilder, who even got Inspectah Deck on the phone with a special announcement...




July 1, 2020

It's safe to say that anyone who is a fan of sampling, is likely also a fan of Mass Appeal's much-praised Rhythm Roulette series. Last year, we teamed up with Mass Appeal to make the official Rhythm Roulette challenge available to everyone. Thousands of producers spun the wheel to challenge themselves to create a beat out of three random samples. Rhythm Roulette's first-ever competition kicked off in style, with judge Rockwilder announcing it during his own Rhythm Roulette episode. We received hundreds of submissions for Rockwilder to listen to.

Ohio-based producer Don Kody was selected by him as the winner. ”It was a really funky flip and I just couldn’t stop listening to it,” said Rockwilder to announce his Top 3. Don Kody got "Something Wicked" by Archie Thompson through the Rhythm Roulette feature on Tracklib, and flipped the track in Studio One 4 as his DAW of choice.

"[Tracklib] has helped me more than probably the last ten years of work I've been doing. Do these contests, get your foot in!"

—Don Kody (winner of the Rhythm Roulette competition)

The main prize involved this studio session with Grammy-winning producer Rockwilder in IMI Studios, New York. They choose to flip the popular "Love Me Or Leave Me" by Band of Thieves, which was recently flipped by STREETRUNNER for Lil Wayne's 'Harden', blending the 70s soul with modern-day trap.

As if rocking out with Da Rockwilder isn't enough, the legendary Inspectah Deck called Don Kody to personally deliver the news that Deck would like to use the competition-winning beat (dubbed "Wicked") for his next album—and that the track is going to feature Redman and Method Man! That's wicked for you...👐

About The Winner: Don Kody

don kody rockwilder studio session

Don Kody is a producer, artist and content-creator based in YoungstownOhio. As the second youngest of seven siblings with a widely varied music taste, Don Kody has developed a versatile sound, drawing inspiration from classic boom bapsmooth R&Bfunk, and Miami Bass. Being raised in Youngstown—by some referred to as "Crimetown"—Don Kody understood early on how easy it is to succumb to the street life. So he began to follow his passion and learnt it all: producing, rapping, songwriting, audio-engineering, DJing, and more.

You can find more of his music on Spotify and on

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