Tracklib Sampling Awards: The Best Samples from 2023Tracklib Sampling Awards: The Best Samples from 2023


Tracklib Sampling Awards: The Best Samples from 2023

With new trends constantly emerging and music production technology ever-evolving, sampling is more relevant than ever. The music charts back this up: one out of five Billboard hits samples from other songs. That's why it's about time for the world's first-ever Sampling Awards. The most comprehensive celebration of sampling from 2023: hosted by Tracklib, judged by you.




December 1, 2023

About the Awards

Best Sample Flip of 2023

About the Category

The category Best Sample Flip distills the art from the technique. The nominees are carefully selected based on a myriad of criteria: including their source material, the way the producers intricately repurposed the music, and the impact of the end result after the song was released. Best Sample Flip is all about the art of sampling in its purest form.

JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown - Kingdom Hearts Key
Produced by JPEGMAFIA

Everybody Loops

Only 3% of producers never loop a sample, while up to 68% regularly loop music and 24% even always loop their samples. So although some might look down on looping, the technique is still an absolute cornerstone of sampling production—and a great way to get a track going.

Most Innovative Sample of 2023

About the Category

Innovation has always been a key part of sampling, and sampling has always played a key part in innovating music. The category Most Innovative Sample is all about how new-thinking the nominees were with the sample selection, and how creatively it was implemented in their new track — breaking new ground and creating something unique.

JPEGMAFIA & Danny Brown - Garbage Pale Kids
Produced by JPEGMAFIA

The Voice as an Instrument

Reported as a favorite by 69% of the respondent producers, vocals are highly popular to sample. That also explains why vocals are the most common multitrack to filter through on Tracklib.

Biggest Sample Flip of 2023

About the Category

Sampling plays a vital role in many of today's viral trends and chart-topping hits. From the resurgence of a 90s sound to last Summer's sped-up song craze, samples often are a main ingredient in those hits. This category crowns the sample that had the biggest impact — carving out its place in the sound of 2023.

Drake ft. J. Cole - First Person Shooter
Produced by Vinylz, Boi-1da, OZ, Tay Keith, Coleman, FNZ

AI Stem Research

Using AI is becoming a commonplace even in the studios, with 40% reporting they use an AI stem separator to separate individual instruments from a recording. We know better than anyone, since songs on Tracklib with original stems available are nine times more likely to be sampled.

Best Sample-Based Project of 2023

About the Category

Since the dawn of sampling in hip-hop, producers have shown that samples play an integral part in an album's overall sound. Even from narratives to entire concept albums, sampling has proven to be a fruitful production technique. The category Best Sample-Based Project highlights the projects that used sampling best to create a soundbed for their creations.

Produced by JPEGMAFIA

In the Clear

A new survey shows that nearly half of producers clear their samples to the best of their ability. A decade ago, this was unthinkable. But technology ushered in a new era for sample clearance, with platforms like Tracklib and Kingsway rethinking licensing. 45% of producers who clear their samples marks a promising trend for the future…

Best Sampling Producer of 2023

About the Category

This category might as well have been called Sampling Ambassador of the Year, focusing not only on the biggest and best samples — but on having a high consistency and wholesome body of sampling work throughout the year. Best Sampling Producer of 2023 celebrates the producer who have had the most impact on sampling this year.

The Alchemist

Samples & Production Credits


The Tracklib Sampling Awards are a celebration of the art of sampling. Join the discussion on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok (@tracklib). Chime in about your favorites and this year's sampling highlights.

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