Subliminal Psychedelic Sounds


Subliminal Psychedelic Sounds

Subliminal Sounds is a Swedish label focused on psychedelic music. Founded in 1989, the imprint fits the –surprisingly– vibrant hidden history of psych music in Sweden which commenced in the mid-60s. This edition’s free download comes from that very decade: unique psychedelic rock from 1968 to follow in the footsteps of producers like The Alchemist, Oh No & Quelle Chris.




January 24, 2019

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“The genre of psychedelic music moves in a natural flow but with a lot of peaks and longevity,” explains Subliminal Sounds founder Stefan Kéry, who has been a psych fan and collector for over three decades now. “Every other year or so I get a call from a journalist who thinks to observe that psych is ‘suddenly’ a trend. Then with a big smile on my face, I tell that I did the same kind of interview just a year ago. Psychedelic music comes and goes since the late 80s, but over the years psych has become a household genre.”

Baby Grandmothers is one of the psych bands from the 60s Subliminal Sounds reissued. Back then, they were forerunners of the genre and were praised by legendary artists such as Jimi Hendrix–who they toured with– and Frank Zappa.

The Alchemist & Oh No (Gangrene) - Vodka & Ayahuasca features a sample of the track "Bergakungen" above.

“Baby Grandmothers were not imitating anyone,” says Kéry, “they had their own killer sound. Whereas many bands–and guitarists in particular–back then were based in blues music, Baby Grandmothers were not. If they wouldn't be from this obscure country way up in Scandinavia called ‘Sweden’, I think they would have gotten REALLY famous worldwide…”

Besides acclaimed psychedelic music by the likes of Baby Grandmothers, D.R. Hooker & Pärson Sound, the catalog of Subliminal Sounds also spans other unique music, such as the intriguing ambient/new age by Japanese musician Shiho Yabuki. Kéry: “Shiho is an amazing woman, a musician, and magician who pioneered New Age healing music in Asia. Yet mostly unheard, so I thought it deserved a proper reissue. I’m on a constant search for interesting music, whatever the genre.”


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