Never-Before-Heard Multitracks from Sun RecordsNever-Before-Heard Multitracks from Sun Records


Never-Before-Heard Multitracks from Sun Records

Sun Records was founded in 1952 at the dawn of a new era: their 'Sun Sound' helped pave the way for rhythm-and-blues-infused country, rockabilly, and the birth of rock and roll. Their roster includes records by the likes of Bettye LaVette, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Johnny Adams, and a then 19-year-old singer named Elvis Presley…




August 25, 2022

The label was named Sun Records after founder Sam Phillips' perpetual optimism: "A new day and a new beginning." What do these words mean to the label in this day and age?

Chase Gregory (Sr. Director A&R & Sync): Another quote of Sam’s that resonates with me is, “If you’re not doing something different, you’re not doing anything.” While everything available on Tracklib wasn't actually released by Sam Phillips and the original Sun Records, I believe Shelby Singleton had a similar mindset. Shelby purchased the Sun catalog in 1969. He was also an amazing record producer and had an ear for great music, as is shown by some of the records he released on his various labels. I’m honored to be part of the next generation of this historic catalog. What better way to carry on the mantra of new beginnings and doing something different than to breathe new life into these classic records through Tracklib?

The catalog of Sun Records is jam-packed with icons such as Johnny Cash, Elvis, and Roy Orbison. What are some lesser-known names you can recommend to producers?

Johnny Adams is one of my favorite artists in the catalog and I think he’s still a bit under the radar. We have a lot of tracks of him with multitracks available, so he’s a great choice. Another amazing artist who is pretty much completely unknown is Oscar Irving, “If It Ain’t One Thing It’s Another” has stems as well. The Imperial Wonders, Reuben Bell, Robert Parker, and Randolph Walker are also all great picks.

What are some of your personal favorite newly added songs to Tracklib?

Another one of my favorite artists in the catalog is Bettye LaVette. She has gone far too long without the recognition she deserves. “He Made A Woman Out Of Me” has a lot of soul and a beat that is sure to evoke some toe-tapping—two traits that I think allow for great sampling potential.

johnny adams samples sun records

Many of the songs come with original multitracks. Have those been released before, or is this all-new material for producers to work with?

The multitracks have not been made available for this type of use until now! Many of the Johnny Adams songs have recently been remixed and remastered for a new album out later this year.

That’s great! As his music is spectacular. So there’s new material by Johnny Adams available?

“You Can Depend On Me” is a song not originally issued by Johnny Adams. It first appeared on an obscure compilation released in Japan in the 80s. The song showcases his vocal range with a soulful backing track and a relatable lyrical message.

What type of production style do you envision the music of Sun Records used in?

There are already several great examples of my vision being executed to perfection. ODESZA released “The Last Goodbye (feat. Bettye LaVette),” which sampled her vocal performance on our version of “Let Me Down Easy.” And The XX singer and bass player Oliver Sim released “Romance with A Memory,” a very cool track that samples Sam Dees’ “Lonely for You Baby”. This is just the tip of the iceberg… I’m sure we will see many more new works of art to come.

Why have you decided to add music from Sun Records’ catalog to Tracklib?

To expand on what I said in the beginning: we hope to tap into a new generation of music producers and fans alike. These records are timeless and can stand alone, but allowing producers to turn them into something altogether different not only generates a cool new song, but it also honors and brings attention to the original work.

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