Tracklib Delivery Instructions

Tracklib Delivery Instructions

In order for your Music to appear on Tracklib, we require most of the information that you provide to other digital platforms, plus a few extra things that allow us to ensure that your music can be properly licensed and that all rightsholders receive the correct royalties. We also recommend that you provide additional metadata and media to increase the discoverability and attractiveness of your music for users.




February 9, 2024


Audio Files

Track types

Master tracks in either stereo or mono.  We also strongly encourage the inclusion of stems such as instrumentals and acapellas as they are highly valued by our users.

Stems are premixed groupings of individual tracks like "Drums", “Keys” or “Vocals” rather than the raw individual multitracks. We can accept delivery of full multitracks but can't guarantee that every single track will make it onto the service - try to avoid isolated effect channels, individual drum hits and other short one-shots.

Please ensure that stems are normalized as if they are too quiet, they may be rejected by our media processor.

Note: We do NOT accept stems sourced from royalty-free sample packs or certain preset sounds that are prohibited from being resold.

Delivery method

- Download link from e.g. Dropbox, Disco, Wetransfer. If the link is restricted or requires an invite, please ensure that is added before sending the link.

- We are working on creating an ingestion system that will support DDEX deliveries via SFTP. If you are interested in delivering in this way then please reach out to us at

Folder Structure

A well organized and easy to understand folder structure ensures we can ingest your music quickly. We strongly recommend using the following logic:

folder structure

File naming convention

  • For Master Tracks: song_name.wav
  • For Stems: song_name-ISRC-instrument.wav

NOTE: For stems, the file name needs to specify what the actual instrument is. Please do not just use terms like lead, main, melody, arp etc.

NOTE: File names should not include Key or any special characters as this may lead to problems ingesting them.

Audio file requirements

Minimum Audio spec: 16bit, 44.1kHz

We prefer WAV or AIFF files but can accept uncompressed FLAC files.

We do not accept MP3s.


Do not send any audio files containing samples (whether licensed or otherwise) sourced from other songs, films, tv-shows, games, or from sample packs that are not allowed to be re-sold. We also cannot accept cover versions.

Image Files

File format: JPEG / PNG

Dimensions: Square image (512x512 px minimum). Non square images will not be ingested and will not display on the site.

Every record label and artist gets their own profile page on Tracklib, which can be customized with a label logo/artist image and a short bio.

NOTE: All images must be owned or in the public domain. For formatting reasons, please keep bios brief and do not include links. We may edit bios to ensure they display properly on the site.


In order to ensure we have all the metadata we need to properly ingest your music, please use our metadata collection template. You will need to either make a copy or download the template in order to use it.

File format: XLSX, CSV

We do not accept pdf, numbers, doc/rtf/txt

Release Metadata

This is the data we require:

  • ISRC
  • Song title
  • Artist name
  • Release title
  • Record label
  • Genre

NOTE: If for some reason you don’t have ISRCs assigned to your songs, we encourage you to register with your local agency so you can assign your own.

Publishing Metadata


  • Name
  • CAE/IPI number
  • Performance royalty split percentage
  • PRO affiliation
  • Linked publisher(s)


  • Name

  • CAE/IPI number

  • Performance royalty split percentage

  • PRO affiliation

NOTE: We require licensing agreements for all interested parties linked to a work. If we do not have an agreement in place with a writer or publisher attached to a song or album, we will not be able to make it available on our site.

NOTE: Our ingestion system is optimized for music where there is a single master licensor and single publishing licensor. Music that has multiple rightsholders on either the master or publishing side may take longer to ingest as it requires a greater degree of manual work.

Enrichment Metadata

This is additional data that helps with discovery and visibility as well as where and how your music is presented on our site.

  • Regions (where the music originates from)
  • ‘Original’ Release Date (eg. Recording year, if a song is part of a re-issue, compilation etc).
  • Territories/Restrictions
  • Price Category (all songs are set to category C by default. If you need more information on the categories, please get in touch with the catalog team.)

Good To Know

  • A reminder that we cannot accept music that contains samples, or cover songs.
  • If a delivery is incomplete and doesn’t contain required metadata, we may not be able to publish it on our site.
  • We hope to be able to support automatic updates to catalog in the future, but currently this can only be done via the Catalog Support team.
  • We are a curated service. We cannot guarantee that all content delivered to us will be published.
  • Once you have delivered your music to us, it will be reviewed by our ingestion team and prepared for ingestion. They will contact you when we are ready to ingest and publish your music and give you the opportunity to review and approve the content before we put it live on the site.
  • We cannot guarantee that all music delivered will go live on Tracklib at the same time. Our curation team handles the release schedule at its own discretion.
  • When delivering music that has yet to be released, we make sure that it isn’t published ahead of the release date. However, we cannot guarantee that a release will go live on a specified date.

Questions? Feel free to email

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