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Tracklib Licensing: Your Songs
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Tracklib Licensing:
Your Songs

We've worked hard to improve the experience of licensing samples through Tracklib. Welcome to our new licensing system!


Your Songs

You may have found this new section in the main menu. This is the new home for all your songs on Tracklib – both licensed and unlicensed. Once they are licensed, you will also be able to find additional status and help here.

Click on a song to get to the specific Song Page where you find full information for each song. Some songs also have a button in case there’s a recommended action.

  • DEFINITION: What is a Song?

    In this context, a song is music made using a Tracklib sample. Your songs are not made public and only you can see them. You still need a license to share your song.

Registering a New Song

Press “Register new song” to add one to Your Songs. This button creates an UNLICENSED song. Again, you always need a complete, active license to release a song with a Tracklib sample.

Your new song: New song title

This is where you enter the name of your new song or beat. As long as your song is unlicensed or not activated, you can change this, so no worries.

Original song: Which song did you sample?

You can only register songs that use a Tracklib sample you have purchased. This is to make sure you haven’t sampled a different version than the ones we have on Tracklib.

Original song: How much of the original song did you sample?

Depending on how much of the original song you sample, you share a different percentage of your total revenue. It doesn’t matter for how long you use the sample in your new song – you can loop five seconds for ten minutes and it’s still only five seconds of sample time. The total sample length is also cumulative – it doesn’t have to be a continuous piece.

Original song: What part(s) of the original song did you sample?

We need to know which parts you've sampled. This is very simple: for all the sections from the original song you sampled, enter start and end time (e.g. "02:22 - 02:30") and what you sampled (e.g. "the breakbeat"). You can enter as many parts as needed. And remember: you can use that sample just as much as you want in your new song.

Song Status

Marked on each song is its status. This is key to what you can or need to do.


This is an unlicensed Song. For now, this is simply the first step towards getting a sample license. We'll soon add many new features to this step. The first allowing you to send unlicensed songs to others (i.e. record labels or artists) so they can buy a license and handle the non-music side of things.


After you've paid us for a sample license, you just need to give us some information about your new release, so we can make sure everyone gets paid appropriately. We do need you to do a proper registration of the song, though. We will guide you through each step if there are things that are unfamiliar to you. We’ve written a separate article [link] that covers this step.

Status: ACTIVE

Once you’ve given us all your information, your song is active. That means you can share it with everyone and fully monetize it. Yay! Once it's in this step, you're required to report revenue to us once every six months. Don’t worry, we'll help you with that as well. It's fast and super easy.


If we have any issues with your license, such as not receiving income reports in time, your license will become invalid. Remember to check your email often so we can reach you and resolve potential issues.

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