Why You Should Join the Tracklib Community on DiscordWhy You Should Join the Tracklib Community on Discord

Why You Should Join the Tracklib Community on Discord

Join the #1 spot for sample-heads to discuss all-things sampling, get feedback on flips, join the Chop Up Challenge or the Random Record (to sample) challenge, collaborate, or simply hang out with like-minded producers. Taking shape in the form of a Discord server, the Tracklib Community is THE place to take your sampling skills to the next level!




October 26, 2022

Already have an account on Discord? Just click here to join!

How to get a Discord account and join the Tracklib Community

1. Head to Discord
2. Create an account (it's free of course)
3. On the bottom of the popup, click "Already have an invite? Join a server"
4. Write in the code "Tracklib"

That’s it! You’re all set to become part of the Tracklib Community. Once you are in the Discord server, head on over to #announcements or #chopupchallenge to see the full rules and submit.

👇 Here's what this Community can offer you!

Test your skills in Chop Up Challenges

Sharpen your sampling skills with monthly Chop Up Challenges. Each month, we sample the same record and invite a judge (from acclaimed producers to industry professionals) to give feedback on your productions and pick a winner — through a live-streamed finale and Q&A. Join in to make sure you consistently develop your sampling technique!

Join the Random Record challenges

Back by popular demand: A Tracklib randomized-record function and challenge! Get a randomized record on Tracklib to sample, and the clock starts ticking to flip it within three hours. Then it’s time to share your flip, listen to everyone else’s submissions, and cross your fingers — a pro judge picks out the month’s best Random Record flip!

Pick the next Sample Breakdown

Which sampleflip should be dissected next in our famed Sample Breakdown video series? Tracklib’s team is also present and active in the Community, and gives you the opportunity to share suggestions and vote for the next one. So you might end up seeing your pick getting the Sample Breakdown treatment…

Get feedback on your flips

It goes without saying that each and every member of the Tracklib Community loves a good flip. So this is an opportunity to get your music heard by hundreds to thousands of other sample heads. Get and give feedback on each other’s productions, learn from each other, and develop your sampling skills and know-how as you go. Just make sure to post what you've sampled, along with your track!

Connect, collaborate, and get inspired

This is what the Community is all about. With producers, sample aficionados, and diggers alike all brought together in one place, the Tracklib Community is a social space like no other. There are dedicated channels for requests, technical questions, and sampling set-ups to get inspired and geek out over hardware.

Stay up-to-date on the world of sampling

Hear the newest and hottest flips, read about industry-changing legal cases and get context with comments from experts, and get alerts about the newest sampling gear and plugins with first-hand pro insights. Plus, you might wanna keep this on the hush-hush: Tracklib’s catalog team is active in the community to share hidden gems, straight from the source...

Become part of the extended Tracklib family

Over the years, Tracklib’s Sample Breakdowns, Beat Battles, surveys, social media, and live events have shown that Tracklib users make for a thriving community, consisting of sample-heads from all over the world. The newly launched Tracklib Community is how an already-great community gears up to become even greater...

Because the Tracklib family is much bigger than just the Tracklib team. With direct lines of communication, you even get a say in where Tracklib should be headed next. Now is your chance to join the conversation. Come as a guest, and stay as part of the fam.

What is Discord?

Discord is an easy way to connect and communicate with like-minded people from all over the world. All it takes is a simple (and completely free!) registration.

No need to download anything: you can access the Tracklib Community via your browser. But we do recommend downloading the Discord desktop version or mobile app for a much better and smoother experience.

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