Watch: Sample Breakdown of Travis Scott's 'Antidote' (Prod. by WondaGurl & Eestbound)


Watch: Sample Breakdown of Travis Scott's 'Antidote' (Prod. by WondaGurl & Eestbound)

"WondaGurl taught me how to properly chop a sample up and how to make your drums smash more," Dutch-born, Toronto-based producer Eestbound said in an interview. That’s what they nailed together on Travis Scott’s banger “Antidote,” built around a Lee Fields sample.




March 31, 2022

WondaGurl and Eestbound were enjoying dinner at The Keg Steakhouse in Toronto when they first discovered “All I Need” by Lee Fields & the Expressions*.* "We heard the Lee Fields song on the radio,” Eestbound recalls in an interview with Genius, “WondaGurl and I both looked at each other, like 'Wow, we HAVE to use this. Shazam this!’"

Back in the studio, WondaGurl started chopping up a sample of "All I Need" off Lee Fields' 2014 album, Emma Jean. Eestbound started working with the intro section of the song. At first, he wanted to replay the intro line on his guitar, but he found out that the studio sound of the song with the drums in the background sounds way better. The power of sampling originals

How The Uncleared Sample Cost Travis Scott 50 Percent

The production of “Antidote” is a good case to illustrate why it’s essential to use cleared samples. While producing the beat, WondaGurl and Eestbound didn’t necessarily predict this would blow up. But because the sample wasn’t cleared before Travis Scott dropped “Antidote” out of nowhere on SoundCloud, the original rightsholders had a strong negotiation position. That went as far as taking 50% of the composer share—that’s half! Roughly four to five times more than a typical percentage for that share.

“It was kind of a weird process,” says Eestbound in a Beatstars interview. “After [Travis Scott] released it, it was kind of an issue because the [artist] from the sample told Travis that they want 50 percent of the record [because] Travis didn’t clear it at first.”

Tracklib features a couple of songs by Lee Fields, ready for worry-free sampling and licensing!

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